Genshin Impact – The Three Great Martial Trials (2.4 Enkanomiya Guide)

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The Three Great Martial Trials is one of the many World Quests that can be unlocked within the 2.4 Genshin Impact update, Enkanomiya. It becomes available after successfully completing The Subterranean Trials Of Drake And Serpent

Our first mission objective is to find and speak to Eboshi

PREVIOUS QUEST: The Subterranean Trials Of Drake And Serpent


  • Head to the southern island (The Serpent’s Heart) in order to find and speak to Eboshi.
  • We will then be tasked with completing 3 different challenges (Yachimatahiko’s Trial, Yachimatahime’s Trial, and Kunado’s Trial)


  • Head to The Narrows to begin this trial and investigate the pool here during Evernight, speak with the afterimage.
  • Our objective is to release all the Flames of the High Gate (0/4)
  • Continue on until you reach the Yachimatahiko’s Locus. Once you arrive head up the stairs and look for a Triangular Mechanism.
  • Activating the mechanism will open a passage to one of the High Gate Flames (1/4)
  • The High Gate Flames should all be marked on your map and you will need to collect them all in order to complete this segment.
  • Don’t forget to activate the Whitenight and Evernight mechanisms as these will open or close the various gates here, alongside the Triangular mechanisms too.
  • After getting them all we will then need to speak with Uda in order to complete the trial


  • In order to begin this specific trial you will need to travel to the Evernight Temple island, to the east. Just like before you will need to interact with the water whilst in Evernight. This will take us to Yachimatahime’s Locus
  • Our objective is just like before, we need to release the flames of the High Gate (0/4)
  • Use the blue warp here and observe the well here to locate the flames
  • The first flame can be found up on top of the platform just north of your current location (1/4)
  • The second one resides on the northern island, north east of the last one. Near the stairs (2/4)
  • North west of your current location there will be a pillar, the next one is up here (3/4)
  • On the island to the west, head south to find this final one (4/4)
  • Speak with Eki to complete the trial


  • The final trial can be activated from the water at the Serpent’s Heart
  • We will now have 4 more flames of the High Gate to find (0/4)
  • Continue on and keep island hopping (flying to the next bit of land) until you reach the stairs.
  • Here there will be some torches that need to be activated and lit, they can be found next to the statues. You will find 2 of these torches during Evernight.
  • You can then find the other 2 torches during Whitenight
  • Defeat the enemies that then spawn
  • Once the enemies have been dealt with we can begin searching for the flames. All four of the flames can be found sitting on top of the statues here.
  • Speak with Daimon to complete the trial


  • Report to Eboshi over at the Serpent’s Heart island to complete the quest.


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