Ghost Of Tsushima : All 16 Shinto Shrine Locations (Favor Of The Kami) Trophy Achievement Guide

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There are many different trophies and achievements that you can unlock during Ghost of Tsushima, one of which is Favor of the Kami

Favor of the Kami
 requires players to Find and honor all of the Shinto Shrines on Tsushima. Of which there are a total of 16 Shinto Shrines altogether.

Getting each of the different Shrines also nets you several different charms too including; Charm of Inari Izuhara, Charm of Amaterasu Izuhara, Charm of Izanagi Izuhara and more

Below is a quick guide on how to find each one.

SOURCE: GosuNoob


0:00 1.Arrow Peak Shrine – Charm of Inari Izuhara 
5:03 2. Golden Summit Shrine – Charm of Amaterasu Izuhara 
9:19 3. Winding Mountain Shrine – Charm of Izanagi Izuhara 
13:25 4. Plum Blossom Shrine – Charm of Kagu Izuhara 
16:20 5. Spring Falls Shrine – Charm of Mizu-No-Kami Izuhara 
19:35 6. Stone Dragon Shrine – Charm of Susanoo Izuhara 
22:12 7. Mending Rock Shrine – Charm of Okuninushi Izuhara 
26:07 8. Marsh Rock Shrine – Charm of Izanami Toyotama 
27:53 9. Lush Peak Shrine – Charm of Shinatsuhiko Toyotama
32:43 10. Cloud Ridge Shrine – Charm of Azumi-No-Isora Toyotama
35:29 11. Turtle Rock Shrine – Charm of Hoori-No-Mikoto Toyotama
39:31 12.Hazy Cliff Shrine – Charm of Ryuujin Toyotama 
43:33 13. Scarlet Rock Shrine – Charm of Tsukuyomi Toyotama 
46:52 14. Crane Mountain Shrine – Charm of Ikazuchi-No-Kami Kamiagata
49:47 15. Snowlit Peak Shrine – Charm of Takemikazuchi Kamiagata
53:28 16. Frost Cliff Shrine – Charm of Nigihayahi-No-Mikoto Kamiagata

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