Ghost Of Tsushima : All 10 Hidden Altars Locations (Honor The Unseen) Trophy Achievement Guide

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There are many different trophies and achievements that you can unlock within Ghost of Tsushima, one of which is Honor the Unseen.

Honor the Unseen
 requires players to Bow to 10 hidden altars across Tsushima. This isn’t too difficult as none of them are considered missable, you can even get them after completing the story.

However, for those still unsure below is a guide on how to find all 10


This one can be found right on top of the Izuhara Clearing on the map. Whilst you are here you should find yourselves amongst a bed of white flowers, there should also be a tree here too.
The Altar can be found by the tree. A bird should appear after you have performed the bow in order to prove you have done it correctly


This one can be found at the Kashine Forest and once again by a large Tree. This Tree should have steps coming from it.
Choose to bow at the steps in order to complete this one, no need to follow them up.​ You’ll be able to tell if it worked as a ton of blue butterflies will then surround your character


This one can be found on the Isonade Coast, simply head down and follow the path to some statues and you should also find the Altar here too.


This one can be found at Jade Hills, you should find yourself in a quiet little village. Make your way to the dock and the Altar should be here
A few fish will then start jumping out of the water in order to prove that you did it correctly.


This one can be found at Kaneda Inlet on the map. This one is unmissable and should be noticeable straight away, as it will be sitting on the end of the beach.
Several Crabs will then suddenly pop out of the sand to prove that this one is now done.


This one can be found at Kashine Hills on the map. Look for some black smoke off into the distance, there should be a Tree with some water around it. The next Altar is by this said Tree.
You will now be greeted by some Fireflies.​


This one can be found at Kashine Forest. Look for some statues and such (as seen in the image below). Just beyond it will be a Tree and your next Altar.
Some red Dragonflies will now join you.​


This one can be found at the Old Kanazawa Marsh. You should now find yourself in a small village, the next Altar is by the dock.​
You will be greeted by some fish, now I’m hungry..​


This one can be found at the Omi Lake. Look for a red leaf Tree along with a dock, the next Altar is here.
Yay more fish!


This one can be found at Urashima’s Village. Simply follow the path up a small set of stairs and once you come across a broken bridge, turn to the character’s left and jump to the cliff ledge.
Follow the cliff ledge and then a set of steps up. The next and final Altar will be in amongst the rocky mountains, so just keep following the path around and through a gap.
Once you reach the giant frog statues (as seen in the image above), this is where you will need to bow. You will now be greeted by several Frogs, surprise surprise!​

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