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One of the many different minigames within Judgment is the ability to fly Drones. Drone competitions is a great past time within the game but in order to win the bigger races you need better gear for your Drone.
Below is a guide on how to get every Drone part in order to become the best Drone racer in Kamurocho. Once all of the parts are obtained you will also get the Trophy / Achievement Drone Enthusiast too.

Many of the parts can be found in the various different Shops. However, some can only be obtained via Drone racing and winning the different Leagues.


​For many of the different parts you can get it from Ebisu Pawn Store.

Small Screw – 200 Yen 
Exquisite Screw – 600 Yen
Top Shelf Screw – 1,000 Yen 
Cheap Plastic – 300 Yen 
Sturdy Plastic – 800 Yen 
High-grade Plastic – 2,300 Yen 
Shabby Wire – 700 Yen 
Quality Wire – 2,100 Yen 
Dull Aluminum – 700 Yen
Dented Carbon – 500 Yen 
Rusted Electical Wire – 1,800 Yen
Dirty Iron – 2,400 Yen 
Old Circuit – 2,400 Yen
Worn Magnet – 1,700 Yen 
Stretched Coil – 1,700 Yen 
Solid Paint (White) – 5,400 Yen 
Solid Paint (Black) – 5,400 Yen 
Solid Paint (Blue) – 5,400 Yen 
Solid Paint (Red) – 5,400 Yen 


You can even exchange Chips for parts too.

Striped Paint
Checkered Paint
Cute Paint
Floral Paint
Colorful Paint
Elegant Paint
Camo Paint (Green)
Camo Paint (Brown)
Camo Paint (Blue)
Natural Paint


Dragon Palace (both 2F and 3F has many parts and materials too)


High-end Wire
Sparkling Aluminum
Flexible Carbon
Clean Electrical Wire
Sturdy Iron
Precise Circuit
Strong Magnet
Sturdy Coil
Abundant Oil
Clear Resin


Top Shelf Screw
High-grade Plastic
Anime Paint
Dragon Paint


In order to get the parts from Onodera you need to fully 100% his friendship, only then will you unlock all of his wares.

Master Frame Blueprint 
Master Propeller Blueprint 
Master Motor Blueprint 
Master Turbo Blueprint 
Master ESC Blueprint 


The rest come from winning the Drone Leagues. Every League you win unlocks more parts and materials. Below is a list of what you can unlock;

SMZ: Milk
SMZ: Charcoal
SMZ: Marine
SMZ: Ketchup
SMZ: H Motor 
SMZ: S Propeller 
​SMZ: Super Turbo

SMZ: Striped 
SMZ: Checkered 
SMZ: Flower 
SMZ: Colorful 
SMZ: Nature 
SMZ: Cute 
SMZ: Elegant 
SMZ: Digital Camo
SMZ: Desert Camo
SMZ: Wood Camo 
SMZ: Anime 
SMZ: Legendary Dragon
Mako Mods: Pearl White 
Mako Mods: Matte Black 
Mako Mods: Sky Blye
Mako Mods: Burning Red
Mako Mods: Striped 
Mako Mods: Checkered 
Mako Mods: Flower
Mako Mods: Colorful 
Mako Mods: Nature 
Mako Mods: Cute 
Mako Mods: Elegant 
Mako Mods: Digital Camo
Mako Mods: Desert Camo 
Mako Mods: Wood Camo 
Mako Mods: Anime 
Mako Mods: Legendary Dragon
SMZ: S2 Motor
SMZ: S3 Motor
SMZ: H3 Motor 
SMZ: H2 Propeller
SMZ: H3 Propeller
SMZ: Super Turbo Mk2 
SMZ: Super Turbo Mk3
Mako Mods: Standard Turbo
SMZ: Swift ESC
SMZ: Mobile ESC
SMZ: Booster ESC

AMATEUR GRAND PRIX (Complete All Races)
S-ONE: White
S-One: Black 
S-One: Blue 
S-One: Red 
S-One: Striped 
S-One: Checkered 
S-One: Flower 
S-One: Colorful 
S-One: Nature 
S-One: Cute 
S-One: Elegant 
S-One: Digital Camo
S-One: Desert Camo
S-One: Wood Camo 
S-One: Anime 
S-One: Legendary Dragon
Super Motor H 
Mako Mods: H2 Motor
Mako Mods: H Propeller
Mako Mods: S Propeller 
Mako Mods: H2 Propeller
Mako Mods: S2 Propeller 
Mako Mods: Hyper Turbo
Mako Mods: Hyper Turbo Mk2 
Mako Mods: Hyper Turbo Mk3 
Mako Mods: ESC 
Mako Mods: Express ESC 
Mako Mods: Agile ESC
Mako Mods: Power ESC 

REGULAR GRAND PRIX (Complete All Races)
Mako Mods: White Alloy 
Mako Mods: Black Alloy 
Mako Mods: Blue Alloy 
Mako Mods: Red Alloy 
Mako Mods: Striped Alloy 
Mako Mods: Checkered Alloy 
Mako Mods: Flower Alloy 
Mako Mods: Colorful Alloy 
Mako Mods: Nature Alloy 
Mako Mods: Adorable Alloy
Mako Mods: Elegant Alloy
Mako Mods: Digital Camo Alloy
Mako Mods: Desert Camo Alloy
Mako Mods: Wood Camo Alloy 
Mako Mods: Anime Alloy
Mako Mods: Legend Alloy
Mako Mods: S3 Motor 
Mako Mods: H3 Motor 
S-One: S Motor 
S-One: H Motor 
Mako Mods: H3 Propeller 
Mako Mods: S3 Propeller
Hyper Propeller S
S-One: Mega Turbo
S-One: Mega Turbo Mk 2
S-One: Mega Turbo Mk 3 
S-One: ESC
S-One: Supersonic ESC
S-One: Rocket ESC

EXPERT GRAND PRIX (Complete All Races)
S-ONE: Adamant White 
S-One: Adamant Black 
S-One: Adamant Blue 
S-One: Adamant Red 
S-One: Adamant Streak 
S-One: Adamant Grid 
S-One: Adamant Bloom 
S-One: Adamant Kaleidoscope 
S-One: Adamant Wilderness 
S-One: Adamant Clover 
S-One: Adamant Sparkle 
S-One: Adamant Digital Camo
S-One: Adamant Desert Camo 
S-One: Adamant Wood Camo
S-One: Adamant Anime 
S-One: Adamant Legendary Dragon 
S-One: S2 Motor 
S-One: H2 Motor 
S-One: S3 Motor 
S-One: H2 Motor 
Thunder God Motor
S-ONE: H2 Propeller 
S-ONE: S2 Propeller 
S-ONE: H3 Propeller 
Wind God Propeller
S-ONE: Giga Turbo
God Speed Turbo
Lightspeed ESC
Akashic ESC 


​For these you will need to complete the QR Codes. Refer to this page for those QR Codes


There are even some hidden within the Quickstarter. 

Super Motor S
Hyper Propeller H 
Low-Cost Turbo 
​Low-Cost Turbo

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