Ghostwire: Tokyo – How To Get The Deluxe Edition Pre-Order Goodies Guide

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With the official release of the upcoming action adventure title, Ghostwire: Tokyo, just around the corner. Though, some lucky individuals already have their copies before the official release, this Friday March 25th. One of the editions that fans can purchase is the Deluxe Edition.

The Deluxe Edition of Ghostwire: Tokyo comes with tons of exciting new content including; the Streetwear Outfit Pack, Shinobi Outfit, Kunai Weapon, Biker Outfit, Hannya Outfit. Plus, fans can also begin playing the game from as early as March 22nd. Allowing for a 3 day early access to the full game, though this is strictly exclusive by purchasing from the official Playstation Store. Fans that are subscribed to the Playstation Plus membership can also take advantage of the current 10% discount too. Bargain!

So as you have probably summarised there are quite a lot of different outfits to really help you blend in to the dark ghostly, yet Matrix style, world of Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Now what fans may be wondering is how exactly does someone unlock the Deluxe Edition content? Well, it goes without saying that, you will, of course, need to have purchased and pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition of Ghostwire: Tokyo. The Deluxe Edition can be purchased for around $79.99 or $71.99 using the Playstation Plus membership discount, which ends on March 25th.

Once you have the Deluxe Edition purchased we can then begin…


After you have successfully installed the Deluxe Edition of Ghostwire: Tokyo, you should then get an in-game pop up to confirm that it has now been activated.

You can then begin a new game, on any difficulty. This will then prompt you with yet another notification. This time we will get told that the bonus outfits will not be available to us until at least Chapter 2.

From there keep playing the game as normal until you successfully reach Chapter 2. From there you should end up coming across a mission known as Clearing the Fog, where you will be tasked with trying to find information regarding a man wearing a Hannya Mask.

When you reach the Clearing the Fog mission you should then have the bonus outfits automatically added to your inventory, and Outfit category.


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