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One of the more interesting features within (RF5) Rune Factory 5 is the ability to get married to specific companions and team mates. However, in order to get married you will have to do quite a bit of grinding and farming first.

In order to get married to a specific individual you are going to have to grind out your friendship and bonding levels. Likewise, if you plan on trying to fully complete this game. The reason behind that is because there are several requests that task you with increasing your bonding friendship with each party member.

Though, it may seem like a bit of a chore trying to improve your friendship bonds with each character. Doing so will also come with various different bonuses too. These include the ability to recruit your companions and allow them to join your team and aid you during combat, at specific levels they will also give you specific gifts too, often enough these gifts are rather useful crafting materials.

Other additional bonuses to improving your friendship bonds is going out on dates and even getting married. Which occur during a friendship bond level of 7

So yes, it is going to be a bit of a long grind but in order to get married you are going to have to reach a bonding friendship level of at least level 7-10



Now in order to improve your friendship bonding you are going to have to do certain tasks, this includes just talking to your team mates. Choosing to speak with your companions every day will reward you with friendship points.

A good reminder when it comes to talking to everyone is to keep an eye on the character speech bubbles. If their speech bubble is grey then you have already spoken with them. However, if it is purple then it is obviously the opposite, you have yet to speak with them.

Friendship bonding will usually raise anywhere between 1%-5% every time you speak with them. However, it will only raise the once, meaning you cannot continue to speak with them over and over on the same day and expect it to raise once again. Instead you will either have to wait until the next day to speak with them or try to improve their bonding using a different method.

Note: Whilst for most of the game your friendship points will only increase the once per day, when it comes to talking to your companions. There are exceptions.
For example if you manage to speak with an individual before a festival event, then again after the event their bonding should increase. This is one of the few times within the game where you can speak with your companions and get their friendship bonding to increase more than once.


Another way to help improve your character bonding with key individuals is by giving them gifts.

In Rune Factory 5 every character has their own set of gifts that they either love, like, or dislike. When giving them something they love their friendship bonding will raise quite considerably. However, if you end up giving them something they dislike their bonding will decrease.

For a list of gifts that each character likes you can check out the related and specific guides to either the bachelors or bachelorettes

As with speaking to your companions you are, once again, restricted on how many times you can increase your bonding per day. For example, with gifts, the maximum amount of times you can give a gift is twice per day. However, this is then limited by category as you can only give them a gift they love or like and you cannot give them additional gifts from the same category. So to maximise this you can give your companion a gift they love and a gift they like once per day.

You can gain extra bonus points if you give the companions a home-made gift, such as something from a recipe. You can also gain bonus points by giving them gifts on their birthday too. So to truly gain maximum points simply create something from a recipe when it comes to that character’s birthday.


Another way to improve character bonding is by giving your companions Love Potions.

However, the Love Potion is mainly acquired through a level 87 Chemistry recipe. Thus, you will not be able to do much with these until late game.


Additionally by levelling and upgrading specific skills and abilities you can also increase your companion friendship bonds too.

The reason behind this one is due to certain companions being a fan of certain skills and abilities. Thus, if you manage to successfully upgrade one of these abilities and proceed to speak with that companion, they will, in turn, be happy that you managed to use the ability.

By doing this you have a chance of increasing your friendship bonds from anywhere between 10%-50%, depending on what level the ability has achieved and reached.

The table below indicates what skill and ability each character likes and which ones to prioritise.


RykerLogging, Crafting


LucyFarming, Fishing


As you may already be aware by now, Rune Factory 5 has many different requests that players can undertake and complete. Some of which are requests from your fellow companions.

The companion specific requests can also be good ways to improve your character bonding too. Every time you successfully manage to complete one of these requests you have a chance of improving your friendship bond by at least 3%


This method is another good way of improving your friendship bond with each companion.

As your friendship improves you will then be allowed to recruit certain companions to join your team. They will then follow you around and even help aid you during combat. Each party can include a total of 3 companions altogether.

As the companion continues to follow you around their friendship bonding will increase by 1% every hour, for as long as they remain in your party.

In order to recruit someone into your party, the chosen companion must be at level 3 friendship bonding.


Once you have successfully managed to reach a bonding relationship level 7 with your chosen companion, you can then go on a date with them.

In order to do that simply speak with that companion and they will mention a location, date, and time where they will want to meet. Head to that location, if you are late then your bonding will decrease.

By going on dates your relationship can improve by at least 16%

Note: Unlike with marriage, in Rune Factory 5 you do have the option to go on several different dates with multiple different characters


In order to get married to a companion you will have to complete several tasks first. One of which is to complete that specific character’s Love Scenario, which is usually marked on the map with a picture of that companion’s icon

Each character has a total of 3 Love Scenarios that need completing. From there make sure that your chosen companion has a friendship level of at least level 7. This is to allow us to go on dates

Note: After marrying someone you cannot confess and marry someone else. Also make sure there are no currently active Love Scenarios in progress. This will hopefully improve your confession success rate.

If for whatever reason your chosen companion still refuses you then simply improve your bonding levels a bit more. Each character is different and each one comes with a hidden difficulty when it comes to the confession. Alternatively just create a save file and if you are refused, hit reload and try again. Though, by doing this it will be random as to when they will accept you. You should be good at a relationship level 10

When that companion finally does accept you, they will then mention a time and place for the meet up (date)

You will then need to go on two additional dates with that same companion. This will then unlock one final Love Scenario, which will be marked on the map with that companion’s icon.

After you have completed the final Love Scenario, there will then be a request over on the bulletin board. This will then unlock the Engagement Ring Recipe. Which is a level 20 Crafting Recipe.

With the Engagement Ring, go ahead and purchase the double bed for 30,000 G. Make sure to complete the request over on the board.

Also another very important requirement is to make sure that all of your companions are unlocked and are present in Rigbarth.

Then give your chosen companion their engagement ring. A scene will then occur and your friendship with your companion will reach maximum of level 30.


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