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All Althjof’s Rig collectibles locations. This includes Odin’s Ravens, Lores, Legendary Chests, and Nornir Chests and more!

Althjof’s Rig is located within Svartalfheim and is also part of the In Service Of Asgard Favour Quest


Legendary Chests 1/1

Lore 2/2

Odin’s Ravens 1/1

Mining Rigs 1/1 (In Service Of Asgard Favour Quest)

LOCATION: This raven is located underneath the structure as as soon as you use the chain to climb on up to the main area.

COLLECTIBLE: Passion (Lore)
LOCATION: In order to find this one you will have to reach the rig that is connected to the In Service Of Asgard Favour Quest. From there use Atreus’s Sonic Arrow to destroy the wooden barrels, this reveal a new location for us.

Lower the chain and use the mechanism in order to raise the lift, we need to use this lift in order to grapple on over to the other side. Make sure to raise it as high as it can go then climb back up the chain and swing on over and through a wooden barricade.

COLLECTIBLE: Legendary Chest (Njord’s Tempest)
LOCATION: This one is located in the same location as the Passion (Lore). Head to the rig that is required for the In Service Of Asgard Favour Quest and use Atreus’s Sonic bow on the wooden barrels.

Lower the chains and move the lift to the top using the mechanism on the lower ground. Climb back up the chains and swing across and into the wooden barricade.

COLLECTIBLE: The Squasher (Lore)
LOCATION:  In this area there will be a cracked floor that will allow us to jump and break through. Gain a high advantage and do so as the lore will be underneath this section of the floor.


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