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In Service Of Asgard is an optional favour or side quest that you can collect from Nidavellir. Apparently Mimir has caused some trouble involving a number of mining rigs over in the Bay Of Bounty region.

This specific favour quest will be available to us as we progress through the story. The story will task us with speaking to a Dwarf known as Raeb regarding Durlin.

FAVOUR QUEST: In Service Of Asgard



REWARDS: Kratos XP – 500, Atreus XP – 125, Nioavellir Ore

GUIDE: Whilst being tasked with searching for Durlin we will come across a Dwarf named Raeb. This Dwarf is the proprietor of the Nioavellir tavern. He can first be found inside this tavern playing his musical instrument.

Now make your way to the Bay Of Bounty region.

Modvitnir’s Rig

Head to the docking area to the left and climb up the ledge to confront a bunch of Wretches. After you are done dealing with those proceed up the next ledge to find some Hacksilver.

Hit the seal platform to the right in order to unlock the gate (make sure to hit the platform with your axe as the blades have no effect on it).

Jump the gap and climb on up. Yet more Wretch critters. Open the nearby chest (Muspelheim Seed Half). By collecting the Muspelheim Seed Half we will unlock The Crucible favour quest.

Proceed and interact with the crane in order to reach the other side. Ignore the yapping Ormr for now as it can still see us, even from up here.

At the end of this platform there will be something hanging down from it, destroy this to collect a Forged Iron

We need to cross to the other side but it looks like a bit of a dead end. Well if you turn your attention to the large crane in the middle of the area you will notice a seal that we can aim at, do so and it will turn the crane.

Use the crane to get to the other side. More Wretch. Feel free to lower the nearby chains and then climb up to the top platform.

We will then confront the Bergsra, a creature that can summon the Wretch and cause us to be very much outnumbered. Use the nearby grenades and bombs to lure the Bergsra and then throw the axe at the bomb so that it explodes on impact causing damage to the nearby Bergsra in the process. (Bergsra Mother Codex Entry)

After the Bergsra fight interact with the rig to clear this section. Our rewards will be x2 Forged Iron and Nidavellir Ore (Used to help craft Nioavellir’s Finest Armor)

Althjof’s Rig

Head north west and park your boat at the dock here, from there climb up the chain to the platform above.

Here go ahead and interact with the wheel mechanism in order to lower the lift nearby. Lower it to the middle section. Then head towards this lift and use your blades on the lift in order to lower the crate box in the middle. We have now managed to form a bridge for ourselves.

Jump on to this crate box and you will see something red dangling below the lift that we moved using the nearby mechanism. Use this to swing on across to the other side.

Mimir will then mention the nearby barrels having fuel inside of them. Use your blades to cause them to explode.

Collect the Hacksilver and climb up to the next platform. Head around the area and open the gate. Drop down to the ground below and we will find another explosive barrel. Exploding this barrel will allow us to return back to the mechanism at the beginning area. Near the lift.

Interact with the lift once again and raise it to the top floor now. Follow Atreus and climb up once again. We will now be at an advantage point where we can jump through the cracks in the ground below. Choose to do so.

Down here we can find some Draugr and a treasure chest (+92 Hacksilver). Alongside a Rune Read (The Squasher). Grapple on to the lift in the middle of the area in order to raise the crate.

Now head to the very top platform and jump over to the crate. Now we should have raised the other section already, using the mechanism from before. So simply grapple on to this and head to the other side.

Lower the chains to find a chest (+112 Hacksilver). Climb back up again and continue to climb up to the top. More Draugr (Draugr Butcher Codex Entry Added)

Once the threat has been neutralized go ahead and inspect the rig to complete this section. We will be rewarded with +2 Rawhide, +500 Hacksilver, and Nidavellir Ore

Radsvinn’s Rig

Dock at the north east island in order to begin this one. As soon as we arrive at the rig we will immediately be under attack by Nightmares and Grims.

Eliminate those and go ahead and interact with the rig in order to clear this one.

This area will also have several different optional collectibles too such as a Nornir Chest, Mystic Gateway, and Sindri’s shop. Though most of these are not really relevant to the quest itself.

Our rewards for this one will be +2 Slag Deposits, +500 Hacksilver, and Nidavellir Ore.


Althjof’s Rig is on an island with a giant gantry running through it. The gantry may prove useful while we scout the island.

Shut Down Althjof’s Rig

Shut Down Radsvinn’s Rig

Shut Down Modvitnir’s Rig


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