(GOW) God Of War Ragnarok – Geyser Bridge Puzzle (The Quest For Tyr)

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During The Quest For Tyr you will come across several different puzzles that you will need to solve in order to progress. One of these puzzles requires you to play around with water geysers, blocks, and chains.

This particular puzzle is located in Svartalfheim in the Aurvangar Wetlands.

Below is a guide on how to solve this one.


This puzzle is somewhat similar to the previous bridge puzzle that we have already managed to solve at this point. However, unlike that puzzle this one also has several geysers, chains, and blocks. All of which play a part in this particular puzzle solving process.

Anyway as for the location of this puzzle you will find it as part of The Quest For Tyr and whilst riding a small boat along the Aurvangar Wetlands, situated in Svartalfheim.


When you arrive at the puzzle you will notice a mysterious creature known as an Ormr, these creatures are rather sensitive and require you to sneak up behind them.

Anyway moving on from that and you will stumble across a large block that you will need to lower, we can do this by aiming the Leviathan Axe at the chain.

With the chain no longer attached to the block we can use it as a bridge to get to the other side. Here there will be another chain, make sure to pull it and we will be halfway to completion.

Jump over the gap and freeze the next geyser. Here we will confront some of the Grims, that have good skills at camouflaging with the background, defeat them.

From there keep going and you will confront another geyser, this time it has been capped and plugged. Unplug it by using the blades.

Return to the previous geyser and use the Leviathan Axe to freeze it. This will then freeze the large block in place. Aim your axe at the chain that is connected to this large block, like we did with the previous block.

Now climb up on top of this block and get ready to ride it on up to the top platform. Once on the block go ahead and freeze the other nearby geyser and we will then be allowed to ride this block up.

On this top platform we will find the last remaining chain, pull it in order to complete the puzzle.


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