(GOW) God Of War Ragnarok – Geyser Waterwheel Puzzle (The Quest For Tyr)

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During The Quest For Tyr you will come across several different puzzles that you will need to solve in order to progress. One of these puzzles requires you to open up a bridge. In order to open this bridge we need to turn the waterwheel

This bridge puzzle is located in Svartalfheim in the Aurvangar Wetlands. Where you will come across a geyser.

Below is a guide on how to solve this one.


The bridge puzzle is one of the first puzzles that you will come across within (GOW) God Of War Ragnarok. You will find it as part of The Quest For Tyr

During this mission you will be riding in a boat along the Aurvangar Wetlands, situated in Svartalfheim.


Once you dock at the bridge puzzle you will most likely notice a geyser that has been plugged or capped by something or someone. Atreus will also most likely point this out.

Use your Blades of Chaos and uncap the geyser as we will need it to be active and not clogged. Unfortunately though this particular geyser is not strong enough to reach the wheel above.

We need to find a way to turn this wheel. If we get this wheel to turn it will then open the bridge for us. Then we can progress. Hm…

Head back to the platform above and you should notice another nearby geyser. This geyser seems to be inside a huge pot of some sort.

Use your Leviathan Axe and freeze this geyser, this will then increase the power and strength of the other geyser.

The geyser on the lower ground will now be strong enough and higher enough to turn the wheel for us. By turning this wheel the bridge will then open.


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