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A simple walkthrough for The Quest For Tyr, which is part of The Path section of the story

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Heading To Sindri’s House

We start this section off whilst exploring Sindri’s house.

After the quick scene we will get a tutorial on The Huldra Brothers’ Shop, which is a shop that is owned by both Brok and Sindri. If you played the previous God of War then you will know all about this feature. Basically we can purchase goods from them once again, including crafting new gear, upgrades and all of that. So get used to it and feel free to purchase anything that you may need.

During this process we can also craft ourselves a new shield. We have the choice of either the Dauntless Shield or the Stone Wall Shield. The former will allow us to use parry attacks, whilst the latter will also act as a weapon.

After crafting a new shield we will then need to craft some new gear for Atreus. Here though, we only have the one option (A Brother’s Brand Vestment)

Once you are done crafting your new gear feel free to speak with Brok for some rather humorous optional dialogue. However, to continue with the story you will need to find and speak with Sindri.


Follow Sindri to the Workshop and after the dialogue we will then need to meet both Brok and Sindri outside, at the Mystic Gateway.

After the scene go ahead and travel to Svartalfheim, do not forget to collect Mimir before you travel.


Using The Mystic Gateway To Travel To Svartalfheim

Approach Atreus and he will attempt to move the boat, unfortunately this also triggers a bunch of nearby Wretch. These small critters are little squirrels, fast and small. I found that using the Blades of Chaos made quick work of them. (Wretch Codex Entry Added)

After vanquishing the vermin hop inside the boat and make your way across the water. In the water there will sometimes be hidden loot that we can collect. This hidden loot is often represented by sparking sections of the water. So if you find sparkling water then you should have some loot to collect.

There will be a section of sparkling water not too far from shore, Kratos will most likely mention it. (Rawhide)

If you keep to the left you should come across a treasure chest (+90 Hacksilver). Return to the boat and continue on. During this section of the game we will be more free to explore. There are even more collectibles to be found too such as; Nornir Chests, Legendary Chests, Lore, Artefacts, and Odin’s Ravens

Hidden Loot Beneath The Water

As we continue on Kratos will mention a giant water wheel blocking our way. Since we cannot go any further we will have to, instead, dock at a nearby beach. To the right.


Freezing The Geyser Using The Leviathan Axe

Here we can find some Hacksilver under the wooden structure. Now equip the Leviathan Axe and throw it at the Geysers (L2 and R1) this will then freeze the Geyser and allow us to cross over to the other side.

Now to the right there will be another Geyser and a platform. Freeze the Geyser using the axe and grapple on to the platform in order to find (Hreidmar’s Brassard) an optional artefact

Now just down below you should be able to locate a chest. This chest is actually a Nornir Chest. In order to be able to open these particular chests we need to find the 3 different seals and destroy them in a set time limit. If you have managed to play the previous God of War title then you should be well accustomed to these by now.

These seals will usually have the letters R, F, and B written on them. Destroy these seals to unlock the Nornir Chest. Inside this chest will be an IDunn Apple. Collecting these apples will increase Krato’s maximum health.

Locating A Nornir Chest

Make your way up the next wooden structure, where Atreus will probably be standing. Then once at the top go ahead and zipline back down again. We will now confront the Grim. (Grim Codex Entry Added)

After defeating the multiple waves of Grim drop down to the ground below and climb the chain up to the next platform. Up here we will experience what seems like a small earthquake. Also up here is another chest (Hacksilver +115)

Ignore the puzzle for now as we have other optional collectibles to find and collect. Drop back down and head to the other wooden platform and destroy the crates here so that we can begin climbing up the platform. Up here is a chest containing a Forged Iron +2 and Hacksilver +153

Return back to the chain and climb up to this platform once again and in order to solve the waterwheel puzzle we will need to use the Blades of Chaos and attach them to the waterwheel. From there pull the wheel in order to allow us passage to the next area.

Hop back in the boat and continue on. Make your way underneath the bridge and dock at the beach to the right. There will be more Wretch and Grims here. More importantly though there will also be more chests too.

There is a chest that is surrounded by brambles, burn them (+123 Hacksilver). Inside the bucket just above you is a Shattered Rune +4. Climb up the ledge and burn the next set of brambles and follow the path to find more Hacksilver and a chest at the end (+99 Hacksilver)

Look up to find more brambles on the platform above burn them and then grapple on up. Up here is more Hacksilver and a chest containing Rawhide +2 and +143 Hacksilver. Destroy the nearby bucket for more Rawhide. Hop back in the boat.

There should be some loot in the water (+1 Slag Deposits). Sticking to a tree log is a blue marking (Yggdrasil’s Dew Of Runic Power) which is a unique resource.

Solving The Second Waterwheel Puzzle

Head to the next dock and eliminate the Wretches and Grims before then making your way up the ledge. Yet more Grims.

Drop down to the path below and you will notice that someone or something has blocked the Geyser here, interact with it. Unfortunately the Geyser is much too short to reach and turn the wheel, meaning for now we still cannot progress any further.

In order to remedy this there will be a nearby cauldron that also has a Geyser, freeze this to increase the pressure of the other Geyser and allow it to turn the wheel.

After you are done solving the puzzle return back to the boat in order to continue. Remember to make sure the bridge is fully lowered before recalling your axe. (Full Puzzle Guide)

Keep to the left and when you find a bridge go underneath it and we will come across another docking area. Here we can find more collectibles such as a Nornir Chest. This time in order to unlock the Nornir Chest we need to align the correct Spinning Runes. This specific chest will contain a Horns of Blood Mead. Which will increase your maximum Rage.

Heading up to the top platform there will be a treasure chest known as the Legendary Chest, which will contain a Deadly Obsidian Handles (Blades Attachment). Staying on the top platform there will be a Lore Marker (Unsafe Roads)

Dropping back down now and inside the hanging bucket is +11 Hacksilver. That should do it for this area so lets return to the boat.

Locating An Ormr

Continue on in the boat and when you come across the bridge turn and head right, on this bit of land we will come across a rare creature known as the Ormr. You can only defeat these if they are unaware of your presence, so attack them from behind. Once defeated then can drop quite a lot of useful items including; Shattered Rune, Rawhide, Forged Iron, and Slag Deposits

Continue to follow the path and use your Leviathan Axe on the large block in order to lower it and use it as a bridge to cross over. Interact and pull the chain then go ahead and freeze the Geyser.

To the right there will be more Hacksilver (+38) and to the left there will be more Grims, defeat them. Though watch out as these Grims enjoy being camouflaged with the surroundings.

Aim To Release The Block

We will then come across a Geyser that is being blocked, release it using your blades. Return to the previous Geyser and freeze it over in order to lower the next block. Then run around so that you can aim and hit the chain that is attached to this block. Like we did with the previous block.

The chain will then drop the block and no longer be able to lower or raise it any more. Climb on to this block and then use your axe on the nearby Geyser, this will then raise the block once again but this time with you on it.

Up here we can collect a new artefact (Kvasir’s Poems – The Sunrise of Nothingness) and more importantly pull the next chain in order to open the bridge. We can now continue. (Full Puzzle Guide)

Keep riding through the water and we will eventually make it to Nidavellir


Enter The House – Sindri has been helping Atreus behind my back. I will have words with the Dwarf.

Follow Sindri To The Workshop – I do not understand the ways of Dwarves, but they have proven themselves trustworthy. We return to the workshop with Sindri.

Meet Brok And Sindri At The Mystic Gateway – We are to meet the Dwarves outside. At the gateway. With Mimir.

Retrieve Mimir And Travel To Svartalfheim – We travel to Svartalfheim. The Dwarves suggest we seek their ‘cousin’ Durlin. They claim he knew Faye and may know Tyr’s location.

The Quest For Tyr – We have arrived in Svartalfheim. The Dwarves have left us far from Nioavellir. We will journey by boat.


Kratos XP 750

Atreus XP 375


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