(GOW) God Of War Ragnarok – Surviving Fimbulwinter (Story Walkthrough)

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A complete walkthrough for God of War Ragnarok, Surviving Fimbulwinter section.



Kratos And Atreus Get Ready For Their New Adventure

When you first begin the game we will see our team trying to make their way back home after a day of hunting. Apparently there is a snow storm on the way so we must hurry.

Whilst riding around on the sled the game will give us various tutorials on how to look around and adjust to the various different camera angles.

As we try to learn the different mechanics a scene will trigger involving an old familiar face. Be ready for the quick time button prompts.

After surviving our first encounter another scene will then unfold before we find ourselves face to face with Faye. Just continue to follow the path.

Eventually this path will lead to a scene involving a wolf. From there proceed and help Faye move the tree logs. Climb up the ledge and keep following Faye through the cold snowy mountain.


After the following scene we will then be tasked with searching for Atreus, who seems to have gone missing. We will now get more information regarding Mimir. If you are confused with any of the characters that we have met so far then the Codex menu will now be available to us. This menu will tell us quite a bit about our recent friends and villains.

In order to advance the story we will need to head left towards the frozen river and to where we can find some tracks that we can follow.

The gate in this next area is locked, Kratos will suggest as much when we get closer to it. This then leaves us with the gap in the rocks to the left, by the wolves. This will lead us to the Upper Wildwoods.

We will then confront the Raider enemies, simply eliminate them using a combination of simple and heavy attacks. It is a good idea to get used to the combat mechanics in order to make quick work on this new threat. After the fight proceed and inspect the fallen tree.

After clearing the path the game will then tell us about Healthstones, these are green stones that appear on the ground. Usually after defeating an enemy. They can be used to help replenish lost health. Whilst we are here feel free to inspect the fallen bear, apparently it has been mauled.

Follow the path to the right in order to find our very first treasure chest (+91 Hacksilver). The trail that we need to follow goes across a gap, use and throw your Leviathan Axe in order to destroy the damaged tree blocking our way.

Keep following the trail and it will lead to quite a bit of blood, continue on and head left, climb the ledge to find another treasure chest (+68 Hacksilver)

Go ahead and inspect the fallen soldier with the shield in order to collect more Hacksilver. Then proceed to follow the trail and it will take us through a small tunnel. Is someone performing an enchantment?

The game will then give us a small tutorial on Frost Awaken and how to add ice attacks to the Leviathan Axe in order to increase our damage output.

Head right from the tunnel in order to find yet more fallen warriors and we can collect more Hacksilver, then make your way around to the left. Climb the ledge here and keep going. We will then confront the Raider Scout. These enemies much prefer ranged attacks rather than going with melee.

Climb up the wall now and once at the top there will be a much larger chest that we can go ahead and claim (Forged Iron and Hacksilver)

Continue along the path and collect more Hacksilver before heading into the cave. Collect the next treasure chest (Hacksilver +94)

We will now reach an area with yet more Raiders. Dispose of them however you wish, the game will also tell us about the Death From Above technique should you decide to try that out. Its your call.

After taking out the threat go ahead and collect all of the hacksilver that is on the floor. Follow the path up to another campfire.

Collect the treasure chest here too, after you are done dealing with the enemy threat (+95 Hacksilver) then continue on and climb up the next ledge. Jump the gap and collect this chest too (Forged Iron and Hacksilver)

Head back across the gap and climb up the wall.


Bjorn Awaits Us

Once we exit the cave we will be rudely attacked by Bjorn the neighbourhood bear. We can defeat him by being cautious. You can tell when he is about to attack as either a red or yellow circle will surround him. A yellow circle means it will be using one of its basic attacks and the red circle is one of its more heavier attacks. Dodge when necessary and attack when you see an opening.

We will now unlock A Grizzly Encounter trophy achievement


After the scene go ahead and destroy the barricade in order to progress. Keep following the path and we will learn about Companion Arrows and basically how to command our companion to attack nearby foes.

Atreus mainly attacks using a bow and his arrows can stun their targets. However, due to his limited supply of arrows Atreus can only be summoned for a short brief period of time. Thankfully once he recharges his arrows he can be summoned once again.

After dealing with the threat go ahead and interact with the chain in order to lower yourself down into the darkness below.

Down here there will be another chest (Forged Iron and Hacksilver). Continue on and drop down to the floor below, we will now be in familiar territory.

Continue following the path and Atreus, defeating yet more Raiders along the way. Once you get back home there will be quite an interesting scene waiting for us.


The Thunder God Thor Has Arrived

We will now be fighting Thor and unfortunately we have to do so without the use of our Leviathan Axe. However, Thor too will only be using his fists.

Simply dodge any incoming attacks and combine your fist attacks with your shield attacks, and then once your are powerful enough unleash your Spartan Rage to deal quick and more increased damage.

Half way through the fight a scene will unfold, this scene will include a quick time even so be ready. We will now have our Leviathan Axe back!

Continue to use the same fighting method of dodging and remember to charge up your Axe for increased damage.

Then once Thor has lost enough health another scene will unfold and we will continue the fight outside. Here Thor will attempt to use his Mjölnir hammer to send lightning our way.

In this area we can also use the nearby pillars as weapons against Thor, though we can only use them once. After a single use they will shatter and break.

During the third phase of the fight Thor will then send electricity along the floor. To avoid those look for the red danger markers that will appear on the floor, stand in any of these markings and we will take damage. This is basically his AoE attack.


Thor Fights With Kratos

After the exciting battle we will meet up with yet more familiar faces (Brok and Sindri). Anyway we need to go and check up on Atreus who is still back home with Odin.

Follow Brok and we will meet up with Sindri, who will then unlock one of the portals (Mystic Gateway). Use this portal to return home.

Head home for a quick scene and we will learn about our gear. The game will want us to equip a new piece of gear and we will have several different options (Shoulder Guard of Survival, Vidar’s Pauldron of Might, and Fortified Husk Cuirass), which will either improve your overall strength and/or defence. We will also be tasked with equipping upgrades and attachments to our Leviathan Axe


Once you are ready proceed and continue on. Follow Atreus into the Lower Wildwoods.

Climb up the ledge and you will come across a fallen body, apparently they were not killed by the Raiders. To the left of this ledge there will be a treasure chest (Hacksilver). There is more Hacksilver by the fallen body

In case you were wondering we can now switch weapons with both the Leviathan Axe and the Blades of Chaos. We can do this using the directional pad.

Ignite the brambles in order to clear a path for yourself. Looks like the bridge is out so do as Atreus asks and use the Blades of Chaos to lover the platform above.

Here we will come across a Hel-Raider hanging from the tree, we can release him from his struggles by attacking him. This will result in having to fight him but we can unlock a new codex entry. Hel-Raiders are weak to fire, so using the Chaos Blades is a good idea.

We can collect more Hacksilver by head left and dropping down to the path below. From there rejoin Atreus and continue up the hill

After watching the Raider get dragged off by a somewhat mysterious individual go ahead and collect the nearby Hacksilver

Head left to where this mysterious individual was located to find a Raider pinned to a tree. Next to this Raider there is a treasure chest (Hacksilver), burn the brambles to reach it. We cannot go any further as it just leads back to the damaged bridge from earlier.

Return back to the previous area and follow Atreus. Defeat the Raiders and squeeze through the gap in the wall. From there drop down to the ground below, to the left to find another chest (+81 Hacksilver)

Climb back up again and head down the other path this time. Here there will be a large gap in the ground where we can find another treasure chest (+75 Hacksilver)

Head back up again and crouch down and make your way into the small cave like area to the right. More Raiders in here.

After defeating these Raiders we will learn about Skill Trees and improving our abilities. The Skill Tree will include improving our abilities in three different fields; Technique, Ranged, and Melee. We can also choose to improve Atreu’s Instinct ability too. Make any necessary changes and continue on.

Move the pillar by using the Blades of Chaos in order to clear the path and jump the gap to the other side.

Drop down to the path below in order to collect (+26 Hacksilver) then climb back up again and climb up the following wall. Move the fallen pillar to form a bridge for yourself.

Interact with the chain and then use your Axe to destroy the debris in the way of the zipline. Pull on the chain to tighten this zipline and then ride it to the next platform.

Drop down to the path below, to where all the dead bodies are, more Raiders will spawn and we will learn about the Flame Whiplash ability. This is an ability that is very much similar to how we were originally boosting the attack power to the Leviathan Axe. In fact I was already using this ability long before the game told me about it.

After the battle head to where Atreus is standing and there should be some brambles that we can burn. Burn them and squeeze through the gap in the wall.

Here we will come across one of the runes (blue graffiti). These runes are part of the Rune Reads collectibles and this particular one relates to the Winter-Man?

Before climbing up the wall make sure to drop down to the ground below in order to find our next chest (+80 Hacksilver). Climb back up and continue.

As you continue to climb the icy wall keep to the right in order to find yet another treasure chest (+76 Hacksilver). Keep climbing up.

Once at the top there will be more Raiders that we need to deal with. After that proceed and climb up the next wall.


Confronting The Huntress

After trying to climb up this next wall we will be interrupted by The Huntress, our next boss fight.

The Huntress mainly uses her ranged attacks and fire arrows so be sure to try and dodge those. She also has a weak point, which is the horns on her head. We will also be without our shield, which is now damaged and unusable.

A good strategy for this one is to use Atreus to quickly stun her and then aim for the horns. This, if done correctly, should send her to the floor and allow you to get a few hits in.

When aiming for her horns make sure that they are light up, when they are light up this means that we can aim for her weak point. Otherwise this strategy will not have much effect on her.

For successfully defeating The Huntress we will be rewarded with the Winter’s Bite (Light Runic Attack), Frozen Flame (Weapon Upgrade), Bonded Leather (+10), Beast Bone (+1), and the Stalker (Codex Entry)


After the battle against The Huntress return back to climbing the wall. Then once at the top turn and head left to find one of the Scrolls (optional collectible) this one relates to The Ashen God

Keep following Atreus.

Keep an eye out for a gate to the right and just slightly past that there will be a small gap in the wall that we can climb through. This will take us to the area behind this gate, where we can find a treasure chest (Forged Iron and Hacksilver)

We will now be at the temple entrance, we can use our blades to move the fallen pillar but it will just keep hitting the tree next to it. This is quite a strong tree too and refuses to break. At least with the pillar it is. So instead use your axe on this tree and it won’t be quite as strong any more. Now we can move the pillar.

Head on up and a scene will trigger. After the scene return back through the portal for another quick scene.


Follow the path to the left, to where Atreus went, then we will come across a door to the right. Behind this door is a chest (Rawhide and Hacksilver)

Head up the ledge to the left now to find some more Hacksilver. The grapple on up the next wall to find a chest (Forged Iron and Hacksilver)

Drop back down and inspect the large crack in the floor that Atreus was inspecting earlier. If you cannot inspect it then head to the platform ledge just above it and look down on it instead. This will then allow Kratos to jump through this floor and to a secret area.

This secret area will lead to the nearby treasure chest (Rawhide and Hacksilver).

Climb back up and search for a chain mechanism that can help us reach the lower ground and the next area. Once you reach the next area we will be under attack by several Raiders, defeat them. We will now unlock the Raider Chief codex entry

Inspect the fallen tree to move on. Keep going and we will find another treasure chest (Forged Iron and Hacksilver). Follow Atreus up the ledge.

We will now be back home.


Follow Sindri and he will unlock the Mystic Gateway for us


Head Home – More snow. We must head home.

Track Atreus – Atreus has not returned home from burying the wolf. My worry grows. I will follow his tracks

Return Home With Atreus – Atreus grows in ways I do not understand. I fear I cannot guide him on his path. For now, we return home.

Return Home To Atreus – Will the gods of this land never leave us in peace? Atreus is still at the house with the old man. I must hurry home.

Follow Atreus Into The Forest – Atreus has been searching for Tyr behind my back. He claims there is something in the forest that I should see. My patience grows thin… but I will go with him.

Return Home – It appears Tyr is not dead. Mimir believes he is held in Svartalfheim. For now, we return home.

Follow Sindri – We are no longer safe in Midgard. The Dwarf who aided my son in his search for Tyr offers us shelter. I will accept his offer


Kratos XP 500

Atreus XP 250


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