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We continue our walkthrough of (GOW) God Of War Ragnarok and The Quest For Tyr. This time we begin our exploration of Nioavellir.

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Locating An Odin’s Raven

The people of Nioavellir are rather scared of our presence, though we are complete strangers coming onto their territory, so I guess it makes sense.

Feel free to explore the area, though some of it is currently blocked off for now. Instead follow Atreus up the path and head left of the Odin statue.

Climb the ledges to find a treasure chest (+11 Hacksilver) and an Odin’s Raven. Use your axe to destroy the raven and begin the Eyes of Odin side quest or Favour. There are 48 (optional) Odin’s Ravens to find altogether.

Make your way towards Sindri and Atreus and to the right of them will be an optional Scroll (Shopping List). Now proceed and speak with Sindri.

A scene will then play out and we will be tasked with aiding Atreus and aiming at a gong. In doing so this will alert a bunch of critters that were apparently sleeping behind this gong.

After taking out the vermin Sindri will mention that the sewer tunnel will lead to the other side of the city. The sewer tunnel is where the vermin came from, makes sense.

Feel free to purchase any equipment that you may need from Sindri. We will also get introduced to the Resurrection Stones, these stones can be purchased and used to revive Kratos should you end up falling in battle. They can only be used once though.

A Glowing Barricade (Atreus’s Bow Sonic Arrow Is Required)

(Note: Now that Atreus’s bow has been upgraded (Sonic Arrow) we can now use this upgrade on those sparkling and glowing structures within the city. We passed a few along the way)

The glowing cart next to Sindri can be destroyed using Atreus’s bow (Sonic Arrow) for example, this will then reveal a treasure chest (Hacksilver)

If you return to the pier there will be another obstacle that we can use Atreus’s bow (Sonic Arrow) on. This will then reveal another chest (+2 Slag Deposits and +140 Hacksilver) alongside another of Kvasir’s Poems (Large Society Ground Orb, The Performance)

When you are ready head into the sewer tunnel.

Once you arrive at the other side of the city turn and head left, destroy the barrels and head inside the tunnel. Here we can find an artefact (Griep’s Firebomb)

Destroy the gong to the right in order to find a chest containing (+121 Hacksilver). Nothing much more around here and the people of the city are still refusing to cooperate. Return back to the sewer tunnel and locate a cart that you can use Atreus’s Sonic Arrow on.

Continue on and cross the small bridge. Interact with the cart full of pumpkins and we will arrive at the house we are looking for. You can tell it is the correct house as there will be music coming from it.


Acquiring The Dwarven Compass And Map

Head inside the house and you will come across a Dwarf, so this is where the music is coming from. This Dwarf is known as Raeb. He is the proprietor of the tavern. He will also tell us to exit through the back door. (Note: If you speak to Raeb again we can unlock the In Service of Asgard Favour or Side Quest)

Exit through the back door and Sindri will give us the Dwarven Compass and Map. Basically this compass will help guide our way through the game. It will also let us know that the yellow marker on the map relates to the story objective, whilst the blue marker is for any optional favours and side quests.

After the scene continue and head left in order to find another tunnel that we can go under, in here is some Hacksilver.

Continue heading towards the water and we will come to a Mystic Gateway, interact with it in order to activate it. Mystic Gateways are basically God of War’s version of teleporting and fast travel. Most areas are off limits for now though so, instead, make your way on to the boat.

Keep riding through the water and you will come to the Bay Of Bounty, which is where we can go if you want to progress with the In Service of Asgard favour side quest. If not then turn and head left instead. The choice is yours to make. Remember on the map the blue markers mean an optional side quest or favour and the yellow markers are for the main story.

Whatever you decide make sure to grab the Yggdrasil’s Dew Of Cooldown that hangs from the tree. It is often a blue diamond or tear shaped collectible and it should be right in front of you.


We Receive A ”Fine” From Durlin

Meet up with Durlin, he is a bit of a strange fellow, then after the scene proceed and leave his office using the door to the right. We will encounter the Grims once again. Of which, there are quite a few of them.

Deal with the waves of Grims and we can then continue. Be sure to open the nearby chest in order to collect +2 Rawhide and +155 Hacksilver

Use Atreus’s Sonic Arrows on the various objects, one of which will lead to a platform containing a chest (+108 Hacksilver)

Once you are ready proceed through the gate.


After passing through the gate proceed and inspect the area to the right and there will be a chest behind the barrels (+2 Forged Iron and +140 Hacksilver). There will be more Hacksilver located by the fallen body near the damaged platform.

Then take the train in order to proceed. We will then arrive at The Forge.


Follow the path and stick to the right in order to find a ledge that leads to some breakable rubble and the Bari’s Grenade (Artefact). Heading up the ledge to the right we will find a Nornir Chest and more Hacksilver. (Note: We cannot currently unlock the Nornir chest as we need another upgrade. So ignore it for now). There is an Odin’s Raven flying around that we can collect though.

Moving on and we will then be confronting a Dreki. These creatures enjoy spitting water projectiles and slashing its tail around. It can also deal electrical damage too. So be ready for all of that.

After the fight we will be rewarded with the following; 500XP, Chaos Flame, +4 Dragon Tooth, and Flames Of Anguish

Keep going and squeeze through the tight gap in the rock wall. From there head up the ledge to the right in order to find a couple of collectibles such as more Hacksilver, Dear Overseer (Lore Scroll), a chest (+130 Hacksilver), and The Forge (Lore Rune)

Grappling Towards The Treasure Chest

There is another treasure chest if you keep going down and to the right. In order to reach it we need to climb the ledge and grapple towards it (+3 Forged Iron and +176 Hacksilver).

Continue on and up the next ledge to confront more Wretch. As Mimir mentions, these Wretches spawn from the strange green nest just up the path, destroy this so they cannot spawn any more. Else we will find ourselves severally outnumbered.


We will now reach the train, unfortunately it is currently broken and not only that it has also derailed. We need to find a way to fix it.

Interact with this train in order to cut away and separate the carts. Atreus will then give Kratos commands on where to position the train so that it ends up sitting on the tracks properly. Atreus will be rather vague with his instructions and will be basing them on his position, so left actually means right. As that is the way he is standing. He will point this out to you so do not worry.


The Daudi Voror (Troll)

Once the train has been properly positioned we can then ride it towards the mines. Suddenly we will be ambushed by several Grims. Fend them off and we will then come face to face with the Daudi Voror. (Troll added to the Codex)

Defeat and eliminate the Grims. There will be some Hacksilver behind the wooden barricade, after that use Atreus’s Sonic Arrow to find yet more Hacksilver and then drop down to the lower ground. Here there will be a chest containing +153 Hacksilver

There will be an Odin Raven flying around the large wheel mechanism. Climb down the chain next to this mechanism to find a chest (+134 Hacksilver). There will also be a Mystic Gateway that is stuck behind some brambles that we cannot currently remove, so ignore that for now. Instead we can collect the Lofnheid’s Whetstone (Artefact), next to these brambles.

Progress on further into the area by climbing back up the ledges and using Atreus’s Sonic Arrows to unblock the barricade. Swing across to the other side. Looks like a dead end.

Actually this is not a dead end. There are actually explosive bombs sitting on top of what seems to be gold? Destroy those to reveal both a new passage and a chest (+133 Hacksilver)


Discovering Jarnsmida Pitmines

Head through this new passage and collect the +44 Hacksilver to the right. We have now discovered Jarnsmida Pitmines.

Inspect the fallen body to collect +41 Hacksilver and then drop down to the ground below. Here we have a small puzzle. What we need to do is to freeze the water so that it stops turning the wheel. This will then lower our barricade. (Check out the required puzzle guide section)

Freezing The Water

Now that this little puzzle has been solved we can then continue on. We will come across a Nornir Chest, if you decided to complete the In Service of Asgard Favour or Side Quest earlier then you should be aware of how these ones are unlocked. These Nornir Chests were very much present in the Radsvinn’s Rig location. We need to light the torch seals. (Note: This specific Nornir Chest will contain a Horn of Blood Mead which increases your maximum Rage)

If you drop down to the ground on the left there will be a treasure chest (+3 Rawhide and +158 Hacksilver). Continue on as normal.

To the right, next to a barrel is more Hacksilver. Then proceed to help Atreus up to the ledge above. He will then be able to activate a platform for us to cross over. This is actually another small puzzle that we need to solve.

In order to be able to solve it we need Atreus to activate the platform and wait until it is aligned with our current platform, from there freeze the Leviathan Axe and throw it at the mechanism to the right. This will hold the platform in place and allow us to jump over

Freezing The Platform In Place

From there use your blades on the mechanism to the right, this will then move the water around. Eventually this water will turn the nearby wheel and thanks to the waterwheel now getting water, the large boulder blocking our way will be removed.

Drop down to the ground below and then turn around we now need to freeze this water and stop the wheel from turning. Once the wheel stops and the water freezes this will then lower the large boulder down.

Climb this large boulder and summon your axe back once again. This will then resume the waterwheel and raise the boulder with us on top of it, like an elevator lift. Jump to the next platform and open the gate using Atreus’s help. (Check out the required puzzle guide section)

Head right and jump over the water and climb down the ledge, there will be a treasure chest down here (+2 Forged Iron and +170 Hacksilver)

Return back up to the top once again and progress on towards the cart. Interact with this cart in order to trigger a scene. We will then be under attack by Grims, Draugr, and finally Wretches.

Turning The Water Mechanism

OPTIONAL – Now for some collectible hunting. After defeating and eliminating the enemy threat proceed and follow the tracks to the right to find a chest (+137 Hacksilver).

Now turn your attention to the water mechanism here and turn it so that the water then runs on to the other waterwheel. By doing this a boulder in the distance will begin to move.

Jump up on top of this new boulder and then go ahead and freeze the water so that it no longer runs on to the wheel. By freezing the water the boulder we are standing on will move.

In this next area we will find a Legendary Chest (Pommels Of The Undying Spark) and an Artefact (Tool and Bang)

Ride the nearby zipline to be re-joined with Atreus once again.


Explore Nioavellir – The Dwarves in Nioavellir are not welcoming. To find Durlin, we must find someone who will speak to us.

Boat To Durlin’s Office – Durlin’s office is a short boat ride away. Atreus is hopeful he has the information we seek. We could choose to ready ourselves and hunt for resources in the bay.

Exit Durlin’s Office To The Port – The Dward Durlin was of no help. Maybe that is for the best.

Reach The Mine Beyond The Mountain – Durlin has given us a ”map” to Tyr’s location. What I thought was a fool’s errand is starting to feel too real.

Reach The Front Of The Broken Train – The end of the track. Another train lies ahead, broken. There must be a path around the wreckage.

Fix The Broken Train – We must fix this derailed train to continue

Ride The Train To The Mines – The train is in poor condition

Search The Mines For Tyr – We have reached the mines on Durlin’s map. If he is here, Tyr must be held somewhere inside.


Kratos XP 750

Atreus XP 375


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