(GOW) God Of War Ragnarok – Waterwheel Bridge Puzzle (Jarnsmida Pitmines)

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This water bridge puzzle is the first puzzle that you will come across when you arrive at the Jarnsmida Pitmines. You will encounter it as you make your way through the game searching for Tyr in the mines

This particular puzzle will involve water, a barricade, and a waterwheel. Our goal and task it so find a way to move this barricade so that we can get across to the other side.


This particular puzzle is located within the Jarnsmida Pitmines, which is an area that you will come across during your search for Tyr in the mines.

We will come across it shortly after we come out of a small tunnel. This puzzle will then be followed by yet another puzzle


This puzzle is quite a simple one in truth. It really does not require us to do much. However, there is a barricade that we need to get rid of and we have running water and a waterwheel. These are what we have to play around with and what are hints actually are.

So how do we solve this one?

Well its simple, really. Basically we will be needing to use our Leviathan Axe and we will need to freeze it. We can do this by pressing and holding the Triangle button.

Once the Leviathan Axe has been successfully frozen we will then want to aim it at the running water, or rather the structure that the water is running through. If done correctly this will then freeze the water.

Once the water has been frozen in place this will then stop the waterwheel from moving. However, and more importantly it will also raise our barricade and allow us to progress and reach across to the other side.


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