(GOW) God Of War Ragnarok – Search The Mines For Tyr (Story Walkthrough)

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We continue our walkthrough of (GOW) God Of War Ragnarok and The Quest For Tyr. This time we have successfully managed to reach the mines.

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Reaching The Applecore

Once you are ready proceed towards the mines. We will be attacked by several Wretches and Atreus will point out that the mine entrance is currently blocked off. So we cannot enter from here.

Coincidentally there will be a cave entrance to the left. Before we enter this cave though be sure to look up and destroy the bucket above (+4 Shattered Rune). There will be +44 Hacksilver on the floor by the fallen body.

Enter the cave and let us continue. We will encounter more Wretch. Here use Atreus’s Sonic Arrow in order to clear the path. Keep going and we will then meet up with, yes you guessed it, more Wretch. This time the Wretches are being summoned by a rather large beast known as a Bergsra. These would have been encountered before if you side tracked and completed the In Service Of Asgard Favour Quest. Defeat the Bergsra to stop it from summoning even more of the Wretch.

After the battle use Atreus’s Sonic Arrow on the blue blockage by the gate to reveal +34 Hacksilver. We cannot open this gate right now and there is nothing else here of interest so continue on. We will now be riding a small canoe boat through the water.

We will now venture into a new location known as The Applecore.

Solving The Door Puzzle

Once we arrive at The Applecore we will immediately meet up with Sindri, so be sure to do any necessary shopping and upgrades.

Once done follow Atreus up the path and use his Sonic Arrows on the magical door to the right. This will then reveal The Vault (Rune Read)

Now in order to get across to the other side we will need to solve a small puzzle. You see there will be a large rock that is currently blocking the flow of water, use Atreus to remedy this problem.

With the water now flowing once again we are still not yet done, this water is not currently flowing to where it needs to be. So equip the Leviathan Axe and freeze it before then throwing it at the water. This will then activate the waterwheel and raise the mechanism that we need to use in order to grapple on over to the other side. Once on the other side proceed and enter through the door. (Full Puzzle Guide Section)

This room seems a bit quiet and empty. Anyway make sure to grab the +3 Forged Iron and +230 Hacksilver from the nearby chest. Then use Atreus to open the magical door.

Head through the tight gap in the wall and make your way through the tunnel and into the next area. Jump over the water and confront the Draugr.

From there head to the right and destroy the wooden wall to reveal Cooperation (Lore Marker). Then make your way back up again and head in the opposite direction, to where Atreus is headed.

Keep going up and once at the top ignore the path to the left, where Atreus will most likely stop and stand. Head past him to find another chest (+175 Hacksilver). Re-join Atreus and head down the left path as the one opposite is blocked off. Atreus now assumes that Tyr might have tried to escape.

Drop down to the path below in order to find +3 Forged Iron and +328 Hacksilver in the chest. Alongside +51 Hacksilver on the floor. If you climb up the nearby chain you will come across +55 Hacksilver. Okay time for another puzzle.

Activating The Elevator Lift

Start by freezing the Leviathan Axe and then aiming it at the running water, this will then stop the water and activate the wheel mechanism. We can then grapple across to the other side.

However, we now need to fully power up the elevator lift in the back of the room. In order to do this we need to climb up the chains and then aim our blades towards the water. This will then activate this elevator lift and the wheel mechanism alongside it.

Return back to Atreus. Jump and grapple across to the other side. The elevator lift has been activated but we now need to ride it on up to the top. Summon your Leviathan Axe back and freeze it once again.

After freezing your axe aim it towards the water just above you. This section of water is responsible for raising and lowering the lift. Ride the lift up by getting on it and summoning your Leviathan Axe once again. We will now reach the door and, of course, another treasure chest (+184 Hacksilver) (Full Puzzle Guide Section)

OPTIONAL – Freeze your Leviathan Axe once again and throw it at the section of water that is responsible for lowering and raising the lift. We now want the lift lowered once again. Jump down on top of this lift and re-summon your axe once again. We will then be able to ride this elevator lift to a chest (+2 Slag Deposits and +248 Hacksilver)

When you are ready proceed through the door and we will confront more of the Wretch. There will be +16 Hacksilver located in the bucket above and another +52 Hacksilver by the fallen body. With an additional +4 Shattered Rune in the other bucket attached to the ceiling.

In order to progress you will need to locate a poor Dwarven individual that has somehow managed to get themselves stuck between the wall, inspect this incident in order to continue the story.

Poor Dwarven Individual

By inspecting this poor Dwarf we will obtain the Talisman of Meign, which is a new relic. The game will then prompt us to equip it. The relic itself is said to grant us a bonus to Melee Damage for a short period of time. We can activate the relic’s abilities by pressing both the L1 and Circle buttons.

We will then be ambushed by Grims, time to test out our new ability! After the quick confrontation proceed through the tight gap in the wall, where the Dwarf was first located.

Follow the path and to the right, if you use Atreus to remove the magical blue rocks we will find more Hacksilver. Moving on there will be more Hacksilver to the left and then, more importantly, a new sort of puzzle. Well, I did say sort of.

You see here there will be something hanging down in front of us, something that Atreus can remove out of our way using his Sonic Arrows. Do so and then proceed and grapple across to the other side.

As Mimir mentions we have gone around in circles. We will now be in familiar territory. Basically we are just above the bridge that connects to the previous elevator lift puzzle. Feel free to knock down the structure here so that we have freedom to jump down to the path below and to jump back up again, of course.

Anyway in order to continue just keep following the path, there will be a body to the left with (+122 Hacksilver)

Freezing The Rock Ore

Take the first path on the left and grapple on over to the other side. We here can find +58 Hacksilver and on the bottom floor we can collect +54 Hacksilver, Durinn’s Stone Statue (Artefact)

OPTIONAL – If we open and go through the door here we will confront a more powerful version of the Draugr, known as The Hateful. This is an optional side boss.

The Hateful is a powerful Draugr that can throw fire projectiles at you and cause the Burn status effect. It is also incredibly fast. Focus on eliminating the Draugr Scout first and then cautiously aim for The Hateful after. Remember to dodge when necessary and use Ice attacks.

The Hateful is connected to the Born From Fire Favour Quest. Which relates to closing the various Draugr holes.

However, if you do manage to defeat this side boss then you will be rewarded with the following; Dust of Realms +5, Sovereign Coals +2, Chaos Spark, +250 Hacksilver, and Cursed Empress Handles

In this same room we can also find a Legendary Chest (Fortified Frost Knob)

Make your way back up once again and head back across to the other side. Here use Atreus to remove the blue blockage on the rope. Then pull on the nearby chain in order to tighten the rope. Time for yet another puzzle!

Tighten the rope and ride the zipline down. Jump over to the other platform and help Atreus up. Who will then run off and find a crank. This crank, once activated, will trigger the water flow and rocks will then begin riding along the water and land into the water below.

Jump back over to the central platform and then head towards the other platform, near more running water. If we freeze the axe and stop the water here it will trigger the grappling hook below us.

Meanwhile if we have Atreus active the crank and summon the rocks before then freezing that section, this will then freeze the rocks in place and cause the water to spill over to the side and no longer run into the water below.

Hmm… Okay in order to solve this one we will first need to freeze our Leviathan Axe and throw it towards the water that is closest to Atreus. We then want this water to overflow and flow onto the wheel mechanism next to it. If this is done correctly then the wheel will then be activated.

However, in order for this wheel to stay activated we need this water to continue to overflow. So instruct Atreus to release the rock ore. Once this rock ore reaches the frozen section it too will freeze over. Meaning the water overflow will remain consistent, good!

Now summon your Leviathan Axe back and focus on the other section of water now. Freeze the Leviathan Axe once again and aim it at the water and this will hopefully raise the grappling mechanism.

Grapple on over to the other platform before then summoning your axe back. This will then lower the grappling mechanism back into the water below. Now aim at the rock ore and have Atreus remove them using his bow and the puzzle will then be solved. (Full Puzzle Guide Section)

Before heading through the door there will be an Odin’s Raven to the left. Make sure to grab it and then shimmy across the blue wall. Yes, ignore the door for now as we have other collectibles to find first!

Shimmy across the wall in order to then find a treasure chest (+130 Hacksilver) and there will be +45 Hacksilver next to the fallen body. As we approach the gate there will be what seems like an earthquake? Regardless this gate will take us back to the area with The Hateful optional side boss

So let us return back to the door and head through it now.

Unlocking The Magic Door To Tyr

After passing through the door go ahead and collect the treasure chest on the right (+2 Slag Deposits and +205 Hacksilver). Then do as Atreus mentions and head through the passage and into the next area.

Here we will encounter another magical door. Use Atreus’s Sonic Arrows to unlock this door. You will have to aim at the four targets in order to unlock it. These targets are marked on the door.

As we try to gain entry though the door we will be under attack by enemies known as Einherjar. Who can inflict Bifrost on the health bar. Meaning if we are inflicted with this effect then our health bar will turn blue to represent that we have been frozen. The effect heals over time but more of our health bar will turn blue if we are continued to be inflicted with the Bifrost status ailment. (Einherjar Added To Codex)

Once the fight is over proceed through the door. A scene will then play out.


Kratos Tries To Reason With Tyr

After the scene we will then be on our own separated from Atreus and having to fight yet more Einherjar. Our goal is to eliminate this enemy threat and pursue and find Tyr.

Destroy the wooden gate and continue on. Yet more Einherjar. From there keep going and grapple on to the wall in order to then grapple through it and into the next area. More Einherjar.

After the fight proceed and squeeze through the small opening between the rocks. Keep following the linear path and you will reach another scene.


After the scene proceed on and grab the chest to the left (+121 Hacksilver) and grab the +52 Hacksilver from the floor. Climb up the ledge on the left for +50 Hacksilver. Continue on.

Ride up the elevator lift at the end and we will find ourselves in a new location, Sverd Sands. Here there will be a treasure chest to the right (+157 Hacksilver)

Continue along the path and we will confront a bunch of Grim. After that keep going and board the small boat at the end.


As we continue along the water there will be a scene. We will now need to hurry to a Mystic Gateway in order to leave the realm. For now.

Before we can just leave though there will be more Einherjar along the way. Nothing is ever quite straight forward.

Near where you will encounter the Einherjar is an Odin’s Raven (if you haven’t already collected it). It sits on top of the rocks.

Enter the Mystic Gateway.


Search The Mines For Tyr – We have reached the mines on Durlin’s map. If he is here, Tyr must be held somewhere inside.

Pursue Tyr – Tyr fled like a coward. This is no warrior

Exit The Mines With Tyr – Tyr is in no state to help us. We will return with him to the home of Brok and Sindri to plan our next move.

Escape Through The Mystic Gateway – We have stayed in this realm too long. The gateway is not far.


Kratos XP 750

Atreus XP 375


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