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Our (GOW) God Of War Ragnarok walkthrough continues. After finding and rescuing Tyr from the mines our task now is to go and find Freya.

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Kratos Confers With Mimir

Now that we have made it back to Sindri’s House we can feel free to do any much needed upgrades and purchases. Before then heading into the back room to confer ‘quietly’ with Mimir.

After the scene we will now take control of Atreus for the first time in this story.


As Atreus just keep sneaking along the path and Sindri will try to speak with us. This will then lead us in needing to go and pay a visit to Midgard.

Enter through the Mystic Gateway and Sindri will join us. We will then find ourselves in the Shores Of Nine.


Removing The Barricade

Follow Sindri down the path and collect the +66 Hacksilver along the way. Next to the door there will be a treasure chest (+222 Hacksilver). Apparently opening chests is quite troublesome for young Atreus.

Anyway return to the door that Sindri is still waiting near and use your bow to unlock and open it. Drop down to the path below, as Sindri mentions the lift is currently broken so just continue on along the path.

We will now learn about switching from Normal Arrows and Sonic Arrows. The latter of which requires a cooldown procedure. Use your Normal Arrows on the bucket above you to obtain +1 Slag Deposit

Sindri will then instruct us to aim and shoot at the barrel to the left, do so using your Sonic Arrows (+50 Hacksilver)

If you continue on Sindri will mention that the path is blocked and that we need to find a way through. Near the fallen body there will be +70 Hacksilver. We cannot do anything with the barricade here, next to the body, as it is much too heavy for Atreus to lift and Sindri is too concerned about germs. Apparently. We are outside and he worries about germs?

We also cannot do much about the brambles neither, so that only leaves us with one option. The barricade to the left that Sindri is busy staring at. Here look up and use your Sonic Arrows on the structure here.

After removing the first structure Sindri will mention that we cannot clear the rest of it without first seeking a much higher vantage point. So climb back up the ledge and turn right. We want to basically be looking at the other side of the structure now. Here aim your Sonic Arrows once again to remove the rest of the barricade.

Removing The Rest Of The Barricade

Return to Sindri and climb through the rest of the structure and into the next area. We will then have to confront a bunch of Draugr.

As you are probably already aware Atreus’s fighting style is a lot different to Kratos. Not only does he use a different weapon but he is also much slower too. So feel free to spend some time getting used to his fight mechanics. Switching between both Normal and Sonic Arrows in the process. Sindri will also be around to provide some much needed aid too. Should you need it.

After the fight proceed and open the nearby treasure chest (+229 Hacksilver). Then interact with the elevator lift for a small scene and begin riding it up to the top floor. For another scene.


After the scene we will now be tasked with heading back to the Mystic Gateway. Head through the door and Sindri will let us know where to find Freya. Apparently she is at the Council of Valkyries.


After getting through the door, with thanks to Sindri. Make sure to grab the +49 Hacksilver on the left and +2 Rawhide, +3 Beast Scraps, and +275 Hacksilver from the nearby chest.

Continue through the cave and we will be confronted with more Draugr. Use the Fire Pots on the ceiling to cause nearby explosions and to make life a little easier. Alternatively the Draugr seems to have a weak spot, so aim for their heads!

After the fight open the nearby chest (+2 Forged Iron, +4 Beast Scraps, and +296 Hacksilver). In order to open this chest, in case you are wondering, you will have to destroy the Fire Pot. This will then cause an explosion that will remove the rubble around the chest.

Aim a Sonic Arrow towards the gate in order to then open it. Drop down the ledge for another quick scene. Sindri will then decide to stay back, we are now on our own.

Climb up the nearby wall and keep climbing until we reach a small platform. Here a Draugr will start throwing projectiles at us. How rude! Return fire by aiming at the Fire Pot next this rather rude individual and send it flying!

Aim At The Fire Pot

Continue climbing along the wall and jump over to the other side, to where the rude Draugr was once stood. Then squeeze through the small tight gap within the next following wall.

Destroy the barrels to the left (Sonic Arrow) in order to find +70 Hacksilver. Keep following the path there will be more Draugr.

After jumping across to the other side we can find +69 Hacksilver to the right. Keep going and we will come across more Soundstone. Which is basically the magical essence that you can find around the various different objects and requires Atreus’s Sonic Arrows in order to be removed or interacted with.

Use the Sonic Arrows on the Soundstone in order to reveal a new passage for us to explore. However, before going through this passage look around for a Fire Pot. Destroy this to remove the golden coloured rubble.

Destroy The Fire Pot

Destroy the Fire Pot to then remove the nearby rubble. This will also allow us to find yet more Soundstone. Watch out more Draugr!

After successfully eliminating the Draugr aim and fire at the next Fire Pot in the distance in order to clear yet more rubble. Destroying this second section of rubble will lead to a treasure chest (+2 Forged Iron, +4 Beast Scraps, and +262 Hacksilver)

Now we can begin climbing up the nearby wall. Once at the top there will be more Draugr. Open the nearby chest (+230 Hacksilver)

Then continue climbing up. Up here there will be another treasure chest (+2 Rawhide, +6 Beast Scraps, and +262 Hacksilver). Continue following the path and we will be confronted by Nightmares.

By the dead animal there will be +100 Hacksilver. More Draugr. The chest on the left contains +177 Hacksilver. Continue on and there will be +63 Hacksilver sitting in the snow. More Nightmare

+69 Hacksilver can be found to the left. Continue on and we will have to fight yet more Draugr. Aim up and we will find +4 Shattered Rune within the bucket. Head across the bridge. +220 Hacksilver can be found within the treasure chest

There will be another treasure chest hidden among the debris. We can remove this debris by going around to the other side of it and aiming at the Fire Pot. The chest contains +2 Slag Deposits, +3 Beast Scrap, and +273 Hacksilver

Continue up the steps and use the Fire Pots to quickly and easily dispose of the incoming threat. Keep exploring and you will come across another chest (+2 Forged Iron, +5 Beast Scraps, and +291 Hacksilver)

Throwing Snowballs At Sindri

Feel free to interact and speak with Sindri who will be on the ground below still tinkering around with his new shop. We can even throw snowballs at him if you want, up to you… You gain nothing from doing this.

Then collect the nearby +66 Hacksilver. Climb up the ledge and head through the door. Atreus will then begin having self doubts. From there make your way along and climb up the wall at the end. Cutscene time!


(Freya Codex Added) After the scene it will be time to return back to Sindri’s house. So begin by climbing up the chain and we will arrive at a Legendary Chest (Sonic Aftershock)

The Sonic Aftershock is capable of dealing bonus Stun. It is an upgrade to the Stun dealt to enemies using the Sonic Arrow.

Nothing much more to do so just continue on. There will be another treasure chest to the left (+227 Hacksilver). Then squeeze through the ledge of the wall in order to reach the other side.

Jump to the next following platform and climb across the wall again. Head through the cave and collect the +74 Hacksilver. Before then using your Sonic Arrow on the nearby debris. Re-join Sindri.

After a quick bit of dialogue we will then be attacked by several Nightmares and a Draugr. Eliminate them so we can then move on.

Squeeze through the wall and follow the path down to reach an area with yet more Nightmare. The path should be quite straightforward as we have already been here before. There will be more Draugr along the way though so be ready.

Interact with the elevator lift and it will take us to the Mystic Gateway.


Confer Privately With Mimir – We leave Svartalfheim with no answers and a broken god. I will confer with Mimir in my quarters.

Enter The Mystic Gateway – Tyr didn’t know anything! But I just know Freya can help us– Mimir said it himself. I bet she can be reasoned with. Just gotta find wherever she is in Midgard..

Speak With Jormungandr – Sindri thinks our first stop should be Jormungandr, but I haven’t seen him since Fimbulwinter started. Hope he’s out there somewhere, staying warm.

Head Back To The Mystic Gateway – Jormungandr said ”iron wood”. What could that mean..?

Speak With Freya – Sindri let slip that Freya should be at the Council of Valkyries. If I come alone, maybe she’ll talk to me. I think it’s worth the risk.

Return Home To Sindri’s – I need to hurry home, or Father’s gonna be the one to kill me.

Travel To Alfheim – Our course is set. We return to Alfheim and the shrine of Groa in search of answers. If there is any unfinished business in Svartalfheim, we should address it.


Atreus XP 750


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