(GOW) God Of War Ragnarok – All The Applecore Puzzles (Tyr Mines)

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There are a number of different puzzles within The Applecore section of (GOW) God Of War Ragnarok. We will encounter The Applecore whilst we are searching for Tyr within the mines.

Most, if not all, of these puzzles will involve water and waterwheels. Some of these puzzles even include having to freeze certain structures. In total there are 3 different puzzles that you will come across within this section.

Here is a basic solution to all of them.



This particular puzzle is located shortly after you first enter The Applecore section of the mines. After encountering and speaking with Sindri you will then follow Atreus up the path. This is where the first puzzle is located.

Here we will have a grappling mechanism, running water, and a waterwheel. Our goal is to reach the other side. To where the door is located.


When you first encounter this puzzle you will notice that something is actually blocking the running water. That it stops and gets stuck.

In order to remedy this issue we will need to use Atreus’s Sonic Arrow on the bit of debris that is blocking the water (iron ore).

Once that has been removed the water will continue and end up spilling into the water below. Still something is not right. Nothing else seems to be happening and we still cannot get across to the other side.

Okay try freezing the Leviathan Axe and then aiming it at the running water, or rather the slide that is containing it. If you have managed to aim the axe and frozen the correct section then the water will stop and end up spilling and overflowing towards the sides rather than going straight down.

Our goal is to make the water spill onto the waterwheel and thus activating and turning it. Once the waterwheel begins to turn the grappling mechanism will raise. Problem solved!



This is our second puzzle that we will come across whilst exploring The Applecore and still searching for Tyr within the mines

This particular puzzle appears after we have jumped over the water and took down some Draugr. It will feature yet more water puzzle solving, alongside grappling mechanisms, chains, oh and an elevator lift too.

Our goal is to activate this elevator lift and ride it on up to the top floor where we will locate a door.


In order to solve this puzzle we will need to first freeze our Leviathan Axe and then aim and throw it towards the water, or rather the container that it is in.

By doing this we should then stop the water from flowing. However, we do need to make sure that the water is overflowing to the sides and thus running onto the nearby waterwheel. If the water is performing as it should then this should activate the waterwheel.

By activating this waterwheel the crane or grappling mechanism will then raise and allow us to grapple on over to the other side. However, before we do that head to the right and climb up the chains to the very top.

Once at the top use your blades and pull on the mechanism this will stop the water running towards us. It will also activate the other waterwheel and power up the elevator lift. Okay now we can grapple on over to the other side.

Summon your Leviathan Axe back and this will lower the crane, which is okay as we no longer need to worry about that any more. Instead freeze the Leviathan Axe once again and aim it towards the water just above you.

By freezing the water just above you the elevator lift will then come back down. We can now board the lift and ride it on up to the top.

We will now reach the top and the door that we need to access in order to continue the story.

Note: If you lower the elevator lift once again and then jump on top of it, we can then ride it up to a treasure chest (+2 Slag Deposits and +248 Hacksilver)



This is the third and final puzzle that we will come across within The Applecore section of the mines. We will come across this one as we continue searching for Tyr and find ourselves going around in circles and returning back to familiar areas.

This particular puzzle will involve iron ore, water, grapple cranes, and moving platforms. Our goal is to activate the moving platform and use it to reach the door at the top.


The start of this puzzle has us trying to fix a zipline. We can fix this by using Atreus’s Sonic Arrows on the blue debris that is currently holding the zipline down. From there simply use the nearby chain in order to tighten it up and allow us to zipline across.

After ziplining down to the next platform proceed and jump over to the platform on the left. Here help Atreus up to the above platform and he will go and seek out a crank.

The crank that Atreus then finds will activate and summon a bunch of iron ore. We will be needing those in just a second.

Jump back over to the central platform once again and begin freezing your Leviathan Axe. Freeze it and then throw it at the nearby water, next to Atreus. This should hopefully cause the water to overflow and pour over the sides and activate the waterwheel here.

Once this waterwheel gets activated and begins moving it will then move the nearby platform. This is the platform that we need to reach and ride across over to the door at the top.

Now before you summon your Leviathan Axe back you will want to instruct Atreus to release the iron ore. This should then drop iron ore into the water, which will then stop due to the frozen water. Once the iron ore reaches the frozen water it too will become frozen.

Now we can summon the Leviathan Axe back. Now since the iron ore has been frozen the waterwheel will still continue to turn.

Now turn your attention to the other water section, behind us. This one activates the crane grapple which is currently hiding underwater. Freeze your Leviathan Axe and then throw it at the water slide in order to then freeze the water.

With the water now having been frozen the crane will then raise out of the water. This will also activate the nearby waterwheel. Since we froze the iron ore earlier and caused that platform to move too we can then safely grapple on over to the other platform.

Summon your Leviathan Axe back and then have Atreus remove the iron ore using his bow. We will now ride the platform towards the door. Job done!


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