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Our (GOW) God Of War Ragnarok walkthrough continues with a visit to Alfheim. Our goal is to reach Groa’s shrine.

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Being Introduced To Ratatoskr

We begin this chapter in the realms of Alfheim and in the location of The Strond. Here we can clearly see our first collectible (Broken History – Lore), which is located in fancy blue writing on the nearby statue.

When you are ready proceed up the ledge and collect the +77 Hacksilver to the left. Head down the next ledge, to the left. In order to find a Lore Marker – The Living Desert

Whilst we are still down here proceed and destroy the barricade of pots and vases in order to find a treasure chest (+4 Slag Deposit and +293 Hacksilver). Now make your way back up once again.

Squeeze through the tight gap in the wall in order to reach the other side. To the left there will be another treasure chest (+187 Hacksilver). Further down there will be an optional Nornir Chest (iDunn Apple)

Continue on, following your companions. Collecting +75 Hacksilver along the way. Keep an eye out for a tree on the left, in the distance. Upon this tree there will be an Odin’s Raven

Keep following the path along, jumping the gap as you continue on. We will then come across a rather simple puzzle involving Twilight Stones.

Aim At The Twilight Stone To Remove The Barricade


These Twilight Stones reflect Leviathan Axe throws. What you want to do here in order to progress is to aim your axe at the Twilight Stone on the other side of this barricade. The stone will then reflect and bounce the Leviathan Axe through the barricade. Destroying it in the process. (Full Puzzle Guide)

Okay moving on and we will be attacked by several Wretch, including an Explosive Wretch. (Explosive Wretch Added To Codex). Drop down to the ledge below to find +72 Hacksilver.

Whilst we are down here destroy yet another barricade of pots and vases in order to find a Legendary Chest (Skadi’s Edge). Next to that is a Afterlife Abandonment (Kvasir’s Poems – Artefact)

When you are ready proceed and climb up the nearby wall. Keep going and we will be forced to fight against the Light Elf. (Light Elf Added To Codex)

Atreus will not be a fan of having to fight against these Elves but we have no choice. After the fight continue on and take care of the stone barricade.

Head down the path and to the right there will be another Nornir Chest. However, we will need to ignore this chest for now as we do not have the required tools. We can collect the Dream Charm (Artefact) nearby though.

We will now reach a door. Do as Tyr instructs and grab the wheel to begin opening this door.


Opening The Door To The Temple Of Light

After successfully managing to open the door we will find ourselves in a new location. Temple of Light. Here we will encounter yet another Twilight Stone. We need to use this Twilight Stone in order to open this next door.

So aim your Leviathan Axe towards it until it points towards the door. This should then unlock the next path for us.

Follow the path down and jump over to the other side. Head right to locate a treasure chest (+4 Rawhide and +336 Hacksilver).

Here there will be another Twilight Stone, should be a simple one to solve. Remember the blue line indicator means that we should be able to reflect something. Whilst the red indicator simply means that we are likely to miss. Look for the blue indicator and unlock the next passage.

Head through the following door and there will be another Light Elf encounter. After the slight intervention Tyr will then show us a way to the other side. Simply grapple on to the hanging surroundings in order to be able to cross over and follow him to the other side.

Once at the other side turn and head left to find another treasure chest (+162 Hacksilver). There will be another chest (+219 Hacksilver) as we continue along the path.

Continue heading up and drop off the ledge to the left there will be Wretches here but more importantly there are also collectibles to be found here too. Including The Bitfrost Bridge (Lore). Down the next ledge there will be a Legendary Chest (Hades Retribution)

You should also be able to locate an Odin’s Raven down here too. It hides behind the closed gate and requires you to aim your Leviathan Axe at the Twilight Stones in order to collect it.

Okay with all of the collectibles for this area now over with we can then continue. Keep following Tyr up the path.

Once you reach the top stop and turn around there should be a ledge that we can grapple on up to. Up here is the Visions After Rest (Artefact). Whilst we are up here proceed to unlock the next passage by using the Twilight Stone on the ceiling.

Once the passage opens up we will then confront more of the Light Elves, including a Light Elf Mystic. Which is essentially the Light Elf Mage. (Light Elf Mystic Added To Codex)

Eliminate the Light Elves and collect the treasure chest (+255 Hacksilver). Head through the door. This next area will lead straight to another light door that we need to unlock.

However, it is time for another quick detour for collectibles! Head down the ledge on the left and make your way through the door, ignore the wheel mechanism for now.

In this area there will be another ledge. If you look around you should notice a Twilight Stone that is connected to the side of this large mechanism in the middle of the room. Unfortunately, as things currently stand, this Twilight Stone won’t be of much use to us.

If you look closely you will notice a Legendary Chest on this mechanism. So how do we collect it?

Solving The Legendary Chest Puzzle


Okay begin by interacting with the chain mechanism and this will lift the Twilight Stone for us. However, do not let go of the chain otherwise the Twilight Stone will automatically be lowered once again. Hm..

Again interact with the chain and without letting go simply use your Leviathan Axe on the Twilight Stone. Remember to aim and throw when you see a blue line indicator on this Twilight Stone.

Now do not summon your Leviathan Axe back. Instead simply let go of the chain and then proceed to summon the axe back. This will then destroy the large mechanism in the middle of the room. Now we can go and collect the Legendary Chest (Hilt of Gram) (All Temple Of Light Collectibles)

The Hilt of Gram is a relic that grants a burst of Rage and applies Stun to nearby enemies. Anyway let us continue now by going back and interacting with the wheel mechanism that I told you to ignore earlier.


By interacting with this mechanism it will lower a Twilight Stone. We need to use this stone to reflect the axe and unlock the next passage. Although we already knew that.

Now at first it might not be apparent that this is an actual Twilight Stone so go ahead and use your Leviathan Axe in order to turn it around. Turn it so that the Twilight Stone appears on the right. Then we need to raise this stone just a little bit. Then aim your Leviathan Axe and it should open the passage for us (Full Puzzle Guide)

Solving The Light Puzzle

Once the puzzle has been solved let us continue on. We will then be ambushed by several Nightmare. To the left there will be another collectible (Spirits Within Walls – Artefact).

Continue on through the door. More Light Elf. This time we have the Light Elf Warrior. They can be rather tough and are often seen firing projectiles with their blades. (Light Elf Warrior Codex Added)

Ignore Tyr for now and head right towards a ledge. Jump down here to find a treasure chest (+4 Forged Iron and +275 Hacksilver). This is the treasure chest that Atreus was pointing out earlier.


Now there is another chest that we can try and get, a Legendary Chest. In order to get to it we need to grapple around the room using the environment. This will then allow us to land on a small platform that is out in the open.

Next to this platform there is a Twilight Stone. What we need to do is use our blades to swing it on over to the right. From there we need to immediately and quickly use our Leviathan Axe to reflect the axe from the Twilight Stone and into the light crystal. The light crystal is hidden against the wall and behind the Twilight Stone. Solve this puzzle in order to unlock the passage to the Legendary Chest (Rune-Engraved Release)

The Rune-Engraved Release is an accessory for Atreus. It is said to deal increased damage.

Using The Twilight Stone For A Sneak Attack

We can now perform a sneak attack on the unsuspecting Light Elf, simply aim your Leviathan Axe at the Twilight Stone. If done correctly this will then temporarily stun the Light Elf and allow us to then finish off the target.

Head up the wall. More Light Elf. From there proceed and push over the large statue in order to continue. Feel free to use the nearby Twilight Stones to cause a lot of noise.. oh and yeah, they can be great for easily and quickly disposing of any more incoming enemy threat.

From there head up the light bridge and we will come across a Nornir Chest (Horns Of Blood Mead). There is yet another chest to the right of the Nornir Chest, simply follow this path and drop down the ledge (+4 Forged Iron and +305 Hacksilver)

Continue on. More Light Elf. After eliminating the Light Elf we can then find an Odin’s Raven on the ledge next to the stairs. Keep going and head through the door. Another puzzle


To begin this specific puzzle we will need to use Atreus’s bow on the statue to the right, this will then cause the statue to crumble. Interact with the statue and move it to the left. Now we can grapple on up to the top floor.

Once up top we can then grapple on over to the other side. Here use Atreus’s bow on the back of this statue. Then equip and aim your Leviathan Axe on the button located on the statue’s back. This will then cause the wings of this statue to crumble and giveway.

Now use your blades to interact with this same statue and move it to the right. We will now be required to use the Twilight Stone in order to reflect an attack and destroy the other set of wings. Both sets of the statue’s wings should now have been destroyed.

Use your blades and interact with the statue once again and move it to the left. This statue is now in its correct position.

Head left to find a treasure chest (+228 Hacksilver) and then grapple on over back to the other side. Now we can use our Leviathan Axe to reflect an attack from the Twilight Stone to open and unlock the next passage (Full Puzzle Guide)

Continue on through the door and we will now be outside. Head to the right and climb up the ledge and keep following your companions. We will then reach yet another puzzle. It is quite a simple one though.

Simply use Atreus’s Sonic Arrow on the Soundstone and the Twilight Stone will then giveaway. Unfortunately it is not facing in the correct direction. Thankfully Tyr can remedy this for us.

Unlock the passage but before we ride the elevator lift up to the top floor there are more collectibles to be found!


Before riding up the elevator lift there will be a statue to the right that has a Soundstone on it. Use Atreus’s Sonic Arrows on this Soundstone in order to reveal a new grappling mechanism.

From there simply grapple on across to a small platform that has our final Lore collectible of this area (Limitless)

From there jump on over to the platform next to us in order to find a treasure chest (+4 Rawhide and +284 Hacksilver)

Okay begin riding up the elevator lift and a scene will then trigger. After the scene proceed and grapple across to the other side.

Climb up the steps and head through the door. Nothing much else here so keep going and head through the next following door.

To the right there will be another treasure chest (+183 Hacksilver). Now we can go in the opposite direction and meet up with Sindri.

When you are ready proceed through the following door.


Reach Groa’s shrine atop the temple – Much has changed since last we were in Alfheim. We must travel through the Temple of Light to reach Groa’s shrine.

Descend the Light Well – Groa deceived Odin; Ragnarok does not lead to the destruction of all. There is much to consider from the prophecy we saw, but now we must find a way out of this realm.


Kratos XP 1500

Atreus XP 750


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