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The Temple of Light is a location within Alfheim, you will first come across this area when you are searching for Groa’s Secret

The Temple of Light has a total of 10 collectibles to be found and collected altogether. This includes Nornir Chests, Legendary Chests, Lore, Artefacts, and Odin’s Ravens.

Below is a complete guide on the locations of all of these collectibles.


Nornir Chests: 1/1

Legendary Chests: 3/3

Lore: 2/2

Artefacts: 2/2

Odin’s Ravens: 2/2

COLLECTIBLE: The Bitfrost Bridge (Lore)
LOCATION: Head up the steps and there will be a ledge to the left, drop down. Down here head left again to find this collectible.

COLLECTIBLE: Legendary Chest (Hades Retribution)
LOCATION: Head up the steps and there will be a ledge to the left, drop down. Head left once again to find another ledge. The Legendary Chest is down here.

LOCATION: Head up the steps and there will be a ledge to the left, drop down. The raven is located here, behind a cage. Use the Twilight Stones in order to reflect the Leviathan Axe and claim this one.

COLLECTIBLE: (Artefact) Visions After Rest
LOCATION: Keep heading up and we will come across another light door. Turn around and climb up the ledge here. The artefact can be found up here.

COLLECTIBLE: Legendary Chest (Hilt of Gram)
LOCATION: Continue through the door and in this next room we will come across a set of steps and a puzzle. We will need to solve this puzzle in order to reveal and unlock the next light door. However, to the right of that is another mechanism. This mechanism holds our Legendary Chest.

In order to get this Legendary Chest we will first need to equip the Leviathan Axe. From there proceed and interact with the chain. This will raise a Twilight Stone.

Do NOT let go of the chain and whilst still holding this chain aim and throw your Leviathan Axe at the Twilight Stone. Seems like it didn’t do anything but actually it did, or rather it can if we do this next step correctly.

Do NOT summon your Leviathan Axe but we can now let go of the chain. Once you have let go of the chain proceed and summon your axe back.

If all of this is done correctly then by summoning the Leviathan Axe back it will then smash through the mechanism and destroy it. Allowing us to go and collect the Legendary Chest.

COLLECTIBLE: Spirits Within Walls (Artefact)
LOCATION: After successfully solving the light door puzzle head left to find this collectible artefact.

COLLECTIBLE: Legendary Chest (Rune-Engraved Release)
LOCATION: In order to collect this one we will need to use the environment to swing and grapple across the room. We need to grapple on over to a small platform that is out in the open.

Here we will find a Twilight Stone, or the back of one at least. Use your Chaos Blades to interact with it and move it to the left. By moving it we will then be able to see this Twilight Stone.

Our goal is to quickly aim our Leviathan Axe at this Twilight Stone and reflect it from this stone towards the crystal on the wall next to it. Timing needs to be perfect. It may take a few attempts.

Once this crystal has been destroyed we are then free to collect this Legendary Chest.

COLLECTIBLE: Nornir Chest (Horns Of Blood Mead)
LOCATION: After discovering the ability to use the Twilight Stones against the enemy threat. We will then be tasked with interacting with a statue in order to create a light bridge. Head up this bridge in order to find the Nornir Chest.

For this chest we will need to activate all 3 seals. There will be a seal just above the chest. The second seal will be to the left of this chest, sitting on a balcony. Whilst the final seal is down a small corridor to the right of the chest. We will need to use Atreus (Soundstone) before we can then interact with the seal.

LOCATION: Head up the light bridge and past the Nornir Chest. This little raven is sitting on top of a ledge next to the stairs.

COLLECTIBLE: (Lore) Limitless
LOCATION: After solving the statue puzzle head outside and towards the elevator lift. Now before activating and riding this lift up to the top. There will be a statue to the right that will have a Soundstone attached to it, use Atreus.

This will then reveal a grappling section for us to use. Use it to reach this final collectible.


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