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As the story within (GOW) God Of War Ragnarok continues you will eventually be taken to Alfheim and to the Temple of Light. This is the same location that was featured within the previous God of War title.

During this section we will be introduced to a new mechanic known as the Twilight Stone. These stones will make their first appearance whilst exploring The Strond. Which is a location that you will come to as you make your way towards the Temple of Light.

With these Twilight Stones you can reflect your Leviathan Axe and basically use it as a bouncy ball of sorts. What is also helpful with these Twilight Stones is that by aiming your Leviathan Axe towards it you can pinpoint where exactly it will be reflected to. This will be indicated using either blue or red lines.

The blue indicated lines represent that we are likely to succeed at hitting something. Whilst the red indicator means that we are likely to miss our target altogether.

Below is a guide on how to complete some of the more difficult puzzles that can be found within the Temple of Light.



This particular puzzle is located within The Strond. It is our first encounter with these Twilight Stones and is practically a tutorial.

Here we will learn all about the Twilight Stones and what use and effect they have


As this particular puzzle plays out as a sort of tutorial to these Twilight Stones, solving this puzzle is quite simple and straightforward. The answer to solving this puzzle is essentially looking straight at us.

These Twilight Stones act as a bouncy reflecting stone for our Leviathan Axe and thus you will want to equip your Leviathan Axe, if you have not already done so.

From there look at the gate and you will notice another Twilight Stone on the other side. Aim your Leviathan Axe towards this specific stone and it should then bounce from the Twilight Stone and into the gate. Causing the gate to then be destroyed in the process



This puzzle is located within the Temple of Light. Around mid way through the temple you will come across a section of steps that, once you reach the top, will feature a light door or door of light. Either way we need to unlock this door and reveal the next passage.

In order to solve this particular puzzle we are going to need to use the nearby wheel or crank.

(Note: There is another mechanism to the right of this room that holds a Legendary Chest. A guide for which is located here – All Temple of Light Collectibles)


Once you reach this puzzle drop down the ledge to the left and you will encounter the wheel or crank. We need to interact with this in order to continue.

This crank will both raise and lower the Twilight Stone above us. So interact with this crank in order to, first, begin lowering the Twilight Stone.

Now at first it may not be apparent that this is indeed a Twilight Stone that we are moving around. You see Twilight Stones are often red in colour and here we are presented with a golden coloured stone with panels attached to the top of it.

Simply equip your Leviathan Axe and aim at these panels in order to begin turning this stone. After a few quick turns you will then notice that it is indeed a Twilight Stone. That is was just facing in the opposite, wrong direction.

Now raise this Twilight Stone just a little bit. We do not want it fully lowered or raised, we want it more in the middle. Otherwise there is a good chance that we will not be able to target this light door. If you have it at the correct height we should then be able to use the Leviathan Axe on it and reveal the next passage.



This puzzle is located within the Temple of Light and it is one of the last remaining puzzles within the area.

It can be encountered after heading through a room full of Twilight Stones and Light Elf. From there proceed up the stairs and through the door.

Here we will find the puzzle and a room with several statues and a door of light.


This puzzle is slightly more complex than the other ones within this temple. However, to begin with we will need to use Atreus on the statue to the right (Soundstone). This will then cause the statue to crumble and fall.

From there interact with this statue once again and move it to the left using your Chaos Blades. Now we can grapple on up to the top floor.

Once up we will then want to grapple on over to the other side. Here there will be another statue.

Use Atreus on this next statue (Soundstone) and it will cause this statue to crumble. We are still not yet done with it though. There will be a small circle panel on the back of this statue, use your Leviathan Axe in order to target it. This will then remove the right section of wings.

Use your Chaos Blades and interact and move this statue to the right. Here we will be able to get a good view of the Twilight Stone that we will now need to use.

Aim at this Twilight Stone using your Leviathan Axe and this should hopefully remove the last remaining section of wings.

All that remains to be done now is to use our Chaos Blades once again and position this statue towards the left. Atreus will then confirm that it should now be in position. Okay..

Whilst we are up here there will be a treasure chest (+228 Hacksilver). Now in order to complete the rest of this puzzle and to, of course, unlock the next passage, we now need to grapple on over back to the other side once again.

Now equip your Leviathan Axe and aim towards the Twilight Stone and unlock the next passage.


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