Batman Arkham Knight – Meet Oracle At The Clock Tower (Story Walkthrough)

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The continuation of our Batman Arkham Knight walkthrough. This time we go and pay a visit to Oracle in the clock tower.

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Inspecting The Statue Bust

Exit the GCPD building by following the well placed ‘ green Exit signs’. Once outside some of the officers will be inspecting our vehicle. Well whatever, just head to the Batmobile and let us ride off to our next destination. Which is just east of Perdition Bridge.

Whilst we continue driving towards our next destination Lucius Fox will be in contact with us and we will now have the ability to use the Afterburner. Which is basically a speed turbo booster for the car.

Once at your destination (Clock Tower) exit the vehicle and make your way up to the building rooftop. The entrance to the building is up here on the roof.

Once inside activate Detective Mode and scan the area for any clues. Our clue and particular area of interest comes with inspecting the statue bust on the shelf. This will then reveal the Batcomputer.

Inspect the Batcomputer in order to trigger a scene involving Oracle. After this scene feel free to speak with Oracle once again in order to get some bonus optional dialogue.


Using The Power Winch To Pull Down The Station Sign

Return back to the Clock Tower rooftop and we will notify Gordon of our next plan and destination. We now need to head to the Panessa Studios.

Once you arrive go ahead and inspect the machine in order to attach the remote access device. Looks like the machine is not functioning properly and requires us to use the Power Winch.

Head to the next destination, over to the east. Here summon your Batmobile. We will now be equipped with the Power Winch.

The Power Winch is capable of pulling down obstacles and providing electrical energy supply. Exactly what we need in order to fix the antenna.

This next section is slightly tricky as we now need to reach the antenna once again but we need to do so whilst driving the Batmobile. Start by entering Battle Mode and then testing out the Power Winch. Once the winch is connected go ahead and begin pulling on the Station sign.

Now we need to go full speed ahead and drive over to the other rooftop opposite. It is quite easy to screw this process up so if you fail to land on the rooftop then just try again.

Jumping Across To The Other Rooftop

It is recommended to keep the Afterburner in full swing whilst trying to jump this gap. Without the Afterburner it is likely that you will keep failing to reach this rooftop. So keep that in mind if you find yourself struggling.

Once on the rooftop proceed and use the Power Winch once again in order to create a ramp for ourselves. Now carefully navigate your way along the rest of this rooftop and ledges until you reach the end, on the other side.

Here use the Power Winch in order to begin driving up the wall. We cannot make this jump so do not even try it.

Driving Up The Wall To Reach The Other Platform

Now drive on over to the antenna and use the Power Winch to power it up. We will then be presented with the power bar of some kind. What we need to do is to keep the indicator in the orange marker at all times. We need to do this whilst also revving the engine in order to supply the necessary power. (Robin Added To The Character Codex)


Our next destination is over at the Falcone Shipping Yard, just east of Chinatown. Here we will come across a bunch of Militia. Activate Detective Mode and we will locate a total of 5 armed hostiles and one single hostage. We need to eliminate this threat without causing a scene. If we end up causing a scene then the Militia will try to kill our hostage.

The game will then teach us the methods of trying to perform stealth takedowns. Such as grappling around the area and using the environment wisely.

Anyway switch to the Batarang and aim it at the building so that the Militia hear it. This will then cause some of them to leave, allowing us to try and eliminate them easier and be able to see them better. If you managed to play the previous Batman Arkham titles then this should all be quite self explanatory.

After successfully eliminating two of the Militia, Batman will then contact Lucius Fox and we will get a brand new Batsuit. The V8.03 Tri-Weave Bodysuit.

Lucius Fox will then provide us with a few diagnostic testing protocols, five in total. The Fear Multi-Takedown, Summon, Eject & Glide, Grapnel Boost MKII, Throw Counter, and the Predator Fundamentals. All of which reward us with a WayneTech Point once successfully completed. Decide if you want to complete them before then moving on. It might be a good idea to do them in order to learn more about the mechanics.

Once you are ready there will be three armed Militia left standing. Get inside the building and perform Fear-Takedowns on them all. Remember to use Detective Mode if you are struggling to find a way inside.

Rescue the hostage (Detective Cottell) and then attach the remote access device to the machine that is also in the room.

We will then be tasked with trying to find out where Scarecrow is manufacturing his toxin. We can rotate and move both the Microwave and Radiowave Receiver in order to help pinpoint this location. The location we are looking for is at Ace Chemicals, to the south east of the map.

Locating Scarecrow’s Manufactured Toxin


Gathering At Ace Chemical Plant

Head to Ace Chemicals, north of Chinatown. A scene will trigger. So with trying to explore the Ace Chemical plant we can expect quite a bit of hostility.

Grapple your way inside the facility and activate Detective Mode. (Arkham Knight Added To The Character Codex)

Our first destination is over to the left. Here there will be 5 armed Militia. Take them all down. Use the vents on the floor and this should make easy work of them.

Once the area has been cleared proceed and interact with the nearby access terminal. This will give us more information regarding the missing workers. Grapple on up to the top of ACE Chemicals.

Scanning ACE Chemicals For The Missing Workers

We will then be tasked with scanning ACE Chemicals for the missing workers. There are 5 workers to be found and located altogether. Adam Brewer, Gerald Wicker, Martin Drescher, Mark Cheung, and Steven Reilly

In the room with Martin Drescher we can proceed and interact with the Main Gate, this will then allow access for our Batmobile.

Switch over to the Batmobile and use the Power Winch to create a ramp using the main road. From there drive on over to the ACE Chemicals facility. Oh great Militia Tanks!

Destroy these tanks and then use the Power Winch on the wall and pull the doors open. Before going any further we can take a quick detour to find and rescue Mark Cheung. We will need the Batmobile for this so not exit the vehicle just yet.

Drive on over towards Mark Cheung, or rather the facility that he is in.

Rescuing Mark Cheung

Use the Batmobile on the wall of the building that Mark Cheung is being kept in and this will give us access to the inside.

Mark Cheung is still alive but we need to work out a way to free him. Head to the door and a scene will trigger.

Though I do love the villains typical egotistical conversations but they are often to slow to get to the point, some of them are so patient that they miss vital clues. Such as the nearby Batmobile!

Switch over to the Batmobile and attempt to gun down the enemy threat. We will then automatically switch back to Batman. Clear the rest of the room.

Speak with Mark Cheung in order to free him.

Rescuing Mark Cheung

After speaking with Mark Cheung return back to the Batmobile. Since we have now successfully managed to rescue one of the workers we can report back to Detective Gordon.

Return back to the ACE Chemical facility and drive on up to the top section once again. Here there is a small ramp that is swinging in mid-air. We need to use this ramp in order to get the Batmobile across to the other side.

Exit the vehicle and grapple on up to the crane, where more Militia await us. Eliminate them and then interact with the crane and position the ramp accordingly so that the Batmobile can use it to cross over to the other side.

Using The Ramp To Cross Over To The Other Side

Once you reach the other side we will then find ourselves at the Loading Dock. More Militia Tanks. Look up and there will be a small room full of Militia guards. Head inside this room and eliminate the enemy threat.

This room will lead us further inside the ACE Chemicals facility. Equip the Explosive Gel and use it on the nearby wall in order to destroy it and reveal our next passage.

Here we will locate our next worker, Gerald Wicker. Keep going and Oracle will get in contact with us. Use the Explosive Gel on the cracked floor and continue. Now do not go any further as there is poisonous gas blocking our way.

Instead use the panel on the wall in order to remove the window shutter. Then use the Explosive Gel once again on the wall behind you. Switch over to the Batmobile.

Using The Batmobile To Help Remove The Poison Fumes

Use the Batmobile’s Power Winch on the pipe that is located behind Batman, this will then remove the poisonous fumes that is currently blocking our path. We will then come across the body of Steven Reilly.

Interact with the next panel on the wall. Now we need to generate power to the elevator lift. Switch back over to the Batmobile and destroy the wall that is located just above this elevator lift. Since you know Batman cannot use the Explosive Gel on it, for obvious reasons.

Once the wall has been dealt with switch over to the Power Winch and give power to the elevator lift. We can do this by using the Power Winch and pulling back, this will raise the elevator lift to the top floor. Keeping the Power Winch attached and driving forward will lower the lift down. Simple right?

Switch over to Batman and having him climb on top of this elevator lift before then switching back over to the Batmobile and lowering it once again.

Using The Batmobile To Help Activate The Elevator

Lower the elevator using the Batmobile until it reaches the very bottom floor. Funnily enough we cannot kill Batman using this elevator, meaning we cannot drop him to his death. I love Batman’s reaction to trying this though ‘It’s a bad idea to drop the elevator while I’m standing on it’. In my opinion it is not but to avoid an indefinite Game Over screen, Batman has a point.

Switch back to Batman and grapple on up once again and re-join the Batmobile. Here use the Power Winch and bring the elevator back up again. Switch back to Batman and having crouch and make his way inside the elevator this time.

That is mainly what our objective right now is. Switching between both Batman and the Batmobile and using this method to bring the elevator lift up and down and allow Batman to get inside of it. With Batman inside of the elevator lift, we can then lower it and continue on with the story.

There will be more Militia down here and they will have one of the workers with them, Adam Brewer. Now we cannot interact with the door so, instead, grapple on up to the top. Where there will be a section that we can climb through.

Follow the vents into another room and we can then interact with another vent. This vent will lead us to the Militia and our missing worker. Perform a Fear Takedown.

Rescuing Adam Brewer

With Adam Brewer now rescued we can proceed to speak with him before then reporting back to Detective Gordon.

Adam Brewer will be waiting for us on the elevator lift and will question how we got down here when the elevator is technically not working. Well simple let us switch back to the Batmobile once again.

Use the Batmobile to raise the elevator back to the top with us inside of it. As we try to escape the elevator there will be a scene. More Militia.

This time we have an automatic fighter pilot to deal with, basically this will be a helicopter fight. The helicopter is capable of firing missiles so watch out for those.

After the fight position the Batmobile on to the nearby lift, not the one that took us down to the underground area. There is another lift that will help take us back to Detective Gordon. Place the vehicle on here and use Batman to activate it.

Report back to Detective Gordon.


Using The Ramp To Get Inside ACE Chemicals

Now that we have managed to rescue all of the remaining ACE Chemical workers our job here is not yet done. Head back inside the facility.

After speaking with Oracle use the Batmobile to destroy the ACE Chemicals wall, we now need to get up here and we need to do so using the Batmobile.

Exit the vehicle and use the crane above to position the ramp accordingly so that the Batmobile can use it to get up and inside the actual ACE Chemical building itself. So far we have only been running around the outskirts of the building, now its time to get inside of it and face Scarecrow!


Stop Scarecrow From Detonating The Fear Toxin Bomb –

+ Meet Oracle at the Clock Tower to help locate Scarecrow

+ Use the Panessa Studios Antenna to pinpoint Scarecrow’s location

+ Collect the Power Winch for the Batmobile

+ Power up the Panessa Studios Antenna with the Batmobile Power Winch

+ Use the antenna at the Falcone Shipping Yard to locate Scarecrow

+ Collect the new Batsuit

+ Rendezvous with Gordon at the ACE Chemicals plant

+ Rescue the missing ACE Chemicals workers to get information on Scarecrow

+ Escort the ACE Chemicals worker to Gordon on the bridge

+ Stop Scarecrow from blowing up ACE Chemicals


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