Batman Arkham Knight – Stop Scarecrow From Blowing Up ACE Chemicals (Story Walkthrough)

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The continuation of our Batman Arkham Knight story walkthrough. Our mission objective is to try and stop Scarecrow from blowing up ACE Chemicals.

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Using The Ramp To Get Inside ACE Chemicals

After successfully destroying the wall to ACE Chemicals and using the ramp to get inside, we then want to keep driving down the path and closer towards Scarecrow’s current location.

There will be more Militia Tanks that we will have to deal with as we continue to follow the road. We will also come across a road block.

When you arrive at this road block proceed and exit the vehicle and grapple on up to the top. Here there will be several Militia guards and a Sentry Gun.

Feel free to take this threat down by any means necessary. There is a vent on the wall to the left that we can use. Using this will take us underneath the guards. Allowing for us to perform a Fear Takedown. However, do watch out for the Sentry Gun. The red cone around it represents its field of view. In order to destroy this Sentry Gun you will have to go around the back of it.

With the room now cleared proceed and interact with the panel on the wall. This will then open the doors for our vehicle to then get through.

Another road block. Again exit the vehicle and grapple on up to the top. Here several of the Militia will be getting a briefing on how to survive Scarecrow’s toxic fear gas.

The Militia Enjoy A Quick Briefing

Eliminate this Militia threat and Oracle will get in contact with us. From there interact with the panel next to the door in order to give access to the Batmobile.

There will be another road block. It might seem a bit confusing as to how to get past this one. Unlike with the other previous road blocks we cannot simply grapple our way up to the top of it this time. There are spikes up there that prevent us from doing so.

So in order to get around it we will need to make use of the Batmobile. Simply drive the vehicle towards the road block and choose to eject and glide out of it. If done correctly we should find ourselves in the next area.

Here we will locate Scarecrow inside a chamber in the middle of the room. We unfortunately cannot get to him right now as the door is locked and Batman doesn’t feel like breaking through the windows.

This room also has several Militia, 8 in total and all of whom are armed and dangerous. There are also several Sentry Guns in the area too. Dispose of the enemy.

With the enemy then neutralized we can proceed and pay Scarecrow a visit. The door to his room should be unlocked.

Once you open the door there will be a scene. From there interact with the computer in order to prepare the neutralizing agent.

Collecting The Neutralizing Agent

Once you are done interacting with the computer we will then need to collect the neutralizing agent and place it into the correct slots. There are 4 neutralizing agent containers in total and if you inspect the room there should be 4 slots for them all to be placed into.

Be careful when carrying these neutralizing agents as they can explode if forcefully handled. The containers will begin to reveal red danger markers if you begin to get a little stir crazy with them.

Continue to carry these containers and placing them into the required slots that are located around the room. When you get to the fourth and final container there will be a scene.

Inserting The Neutralizing Agent

We will now be in control of Detective Gordon, in what seems to be a flashback. Feel free to look around. Gotham seems to look a little different right now, more quiet and much brighter. Feels strange considering that usually everything occurs at the dead of night.

The signposts also hint to Batman being bad for Gotham. Perhaps so, he is a bit of a party pooper at times.

Anyway there is not much to do here and nothing to really interact with. So just follow the red signs that point to the V,I,P. Elevator. Interact with the door shutters and enter the building.

Activate the elevator and begin riding it down to the lower floor. There is also a poster in here, an Easter egg of sorts that relates to Robin and The Flying Grayson.

This next room will be a bit strange. Here we have several prison cells, one of which seems to be empty. Whilst the other cells all have prisoners inside. Stay in this room long enough and Batman will eventually appear and a scene will occur.

The fun part of this game finally begins.. At least from my perspective, as a massive Joker fangirl. Anyway soon enough we will switch back to being Batman.

Using The Batmobile To Escape

Our goal is to escape the ACE Chemical building, obviously, as the place is about to explode. In order to escape we will need to summon the Batmobile and then switch over to it. Here have the Batmobile destroy the container that we are in. This will then allow us to escape.

Head back to the bridge, where Detective Gordon was standing earlier. We will be given a new mission objective.


Stop Scarecrow From Blowing Up ACE Chemicals –

+ Escape ACE Chemicals


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