(GOW) God Of War Ragnarok – Descend The Light Well (Story Walkthrough)

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The next section of our (GOW) God Of War Ragnarok walkthrough. The story continues after finding out that Groa managed to deceive Odin.

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We Fight Alva

Head back inside the Temple of Light and we will come across more Light Elf. Keep heading back through all of the previous rooms, eliminating more Light Elf along the way.

Follow Tyr and grapple on over to the other side. Here there will be more Light Elf alongside a Nightmare too. Keep following Tyr down to the floor below. Eliminate the Wretch.

Continue going down

Eventually we will come across Alva, who is the new guardian of the Temple of Light. She mainly attacks as a melee attacker using bladed weapons and has the ability to target the ground and cause ranged damage. She, like most of her kind, is rather fast and agile.

Try to reflect and block her attacks (when you see a blue circle) we can do this by double tapping the required (L1) button. This will then temporarily stun her and allow us to get a few hits in. Otherwise stay cautious and do not rush the fight and be reckless.

This fight is mainly used to teach us how to interrupt enemy attacks when we notice the blue circle. So make sure to take advantage of this.

For successfully managing to defeat Alva we will be rewarded with 500XP – Kratos, 335XP – Atreus, Rond of Expedition (Shield Attachment), and Frozen Flame (Weapon Upgrade). Proceed and speak with Tyr.

After the scene proceed and grapple over to the other side. Here there will be a treasure chest (+233 Hacksilver). Head through the door.


Continue your way towards the mystic gateway and we will be ambushed by Dark Elves. Continue on and head through the small passageway.

In the background both the Light and Dark Elves will be at war with each other. Chaos continues but we need to escape!

Head up the wall to the platform above. Keep pushing on. We will also come across the Dark Elf Summoner. A new type of Dark Elf that have the ability to summon reinforcements.

As we arrive at the mystic gateway a new passage will then open up to us. We can either choose to explore further or leave and return to Sindri’s house. Your call to make.

Should you choose to take this new route then you will find yourselves at The Canyons, a new area with new loot and collectibles.


Solving The Canyons Puzzle

If you keep following this new path we will come across a Treasure Map (Vulture’s Gold). Keep an eye on the skies in order to find an Odin’s Raven. Though good luck trying to hit it from here.

Instead continue on and solve the next puzzle. If you managed to play the previous God Of War title then you should hopefully remember how to solve these kind of puzzles.

In order to solve this puzzle you will need to equip the Leviathan Axe and then position Kratos so that by throwing the Leviathan Axe you will be able to target all of the light traps. Eliminating all of the light traps within this puzzle will then solve it for us.

After solving the puzzle proceed up the wall to a better vantage point in order to collect the Odin’s Raven, if you haven’t already done so.

If you continue along this path you should be able to spot Sindri on the other side, along with another Mystic Gateway too. Anyway read the lore marker (U-natur-liker), it relates to the dogs by the sled, or rather, the two Gulon.

If you walk towards these Gulon you will then be able to interact with the sled. By doing this we will find ourselves in another new location, The Barrens. This will then begin the Secret of the Sands Favour Quest.


Summoning Ratatoskr

When you are ready proceed through the Mystic Gateway and head to Sindri’s House.

Once you arrive head to the left in order to find a tree and, more importantly, Ratatoskr. He will teach us how to summon him if he is not currently present. Useful to know.

Head inside the house and then settle down at the table in order to have dinner yum yum! A scene will then trigger.

Before long we will be in control of Atreus once again. Apparently if you explore the map during this section we will discover that we are in Jotunheim.

Atreus Explores Jotunheim

Proceed and speak with what looks to be a ghostly figure or image of Atreus with a mask? Hm..

The next path is quite straightforward and will present us with another vision of Atreus. Inspect it and a scene will occur. We will then officially be in Jotunheim.

Proceed to follow the wolf.


The Wolf Encounter

Proceed to follow the wolf through the forest. The path is rather linear and the forest itself is rather pretty and wonderous.

Continue along the path and another scene will occur.


Descend The Light Well – Groa deceived Odin; Ragnarok does not lead to the destruction of all. There is much to consider from the prophecy we saw, but now we must find a way out of this realm.

Make Your Way To The Mystic Gateway – War has come back to Alfheim. We must fight our way back to the gateway

Return To Sindri’s When Ready – We can return to the Dwarve’s home to discuss our next move or explore Alfheim further. Atreus sensed a creature in pain out in the desert

Eat Dinner – I must decide what is next. But first, we must eat.

Follow The Wolf – This wolf wants me to follow. I think I can trust him… at least, he doesn’t feel like an enemy.


Kratos XP 1500

Atreus XP 750


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