(GOW) God Of War Ragnarok – Atreus Bridge Puzzle (Jarnsmida Pitmines)

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Whilst exploring the Jarnsmida Pitmines, which is an area that you will first discover during the quest to search for Tyr, you will encounter a few different puzzles. One of which involves Atreus, boulders, and a bridge.

This particular puzzle is just after the first encounter with the Troll and after riding the train.


This particular puzzle is located within Jarnsmida Pitmines as we try to search for Tyr within the mines. It involves cooperating with Atreus and connecting a platform bridge to reach the other side.

From there we will have a section of water, waterwheels, and boulder bricks to play with.


After heading past the Nornir Chest you will come across this next puzzle. Looks rather complex to begin with. There are plenty of moving and rotating mechanisms and we need to solve all of this so that we can progress on.

To begin with Atreus will point out this puzzle to us. Though, we already know it is one that we will need to solve. We can begin doing so by helping Atreus up to the platform above. This will allow us to move a nearby platform.

From there freeze your axe so that it then freezes whatever it connects with. Then instruct Atreus to move the platform. The nearby platform will then move up and down.

We need this moving platform to align with the platform that we are currently standing on. By doing this we can then use it as a form of bridge. When it aligns perfectly you will then want to aim your Leviathan Axe at the mechanism to the right. This will then stop the platform from moving.

Now run and jump over to the other side. This will only work if both platforms are aligned correctly.

The Platforms Are Aligned

Once you are on the other side you will then want to turn your attention to the mechanism on the right, the one that currently has running water coming from it.

Interact with this mechanism using your blades and it will turn and start pouring water on to the nearby waterwheel.

With the waterwheel now moving the huge rock boulder will then raise and allow us to continue on. However, this puzzle is not yet done.

So turn back around and focus your attention back on the running water, we now want to freeze it in place using the Leviathan Axe. This will then lower the rock boulder once again.

Make your way on top of this rock boulder and we now need to use it as an elevator lift. We can do so by summoning the axe back and thus unfreezing the water. Now that the water is running freely once again, this will then allow the rock boulder to raise.

Once at the top proceed to jump over to the next platform and help Atreus to open the gate.


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