(GOW) God Of War Ragnarok – All The Applecore Collectibles (Chests, Artefacts)

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The Applecore is a location featured within (GOW) God Of War Ragnarok. It is part of Svartalfheim and features a total of 14 different collectibles to be found and collected altogether.

These collectibles include Odin’s Ravens, Nornir Chests, Legendary Chests, Yggdrasil Rifts, Artefacts, and Lores.

(Note: Some of these collectibles will require the Draupnir Spear before we can collect it. This spear is automatically given to us during the main story.)


Nornir Chests: 2/2

Legendary Chests: 2/2

Lore: 3/3

Artefacts: 3/3

Buried Treasure: 1/1

Odin’s Ravens 1/1

Yggdrasil Rift: 1/1

Draugr Holes: 1/1

COLLECTIBLE: Legendary Chest (Fortified Frost Knob)
LOCATION: This Legendary Chest is located within the room with the Draugr Hole. From the spiral structure there should be a grappling hook that we can use, this will then take us to the required doorway.

COLLECTIBLE: Lore (The Vault)
LOCATION: From Sindri’s Workshop we will come across a puzzle. Use Atreus’s Sonic Arrows on the nearby door to find this one.

COLLECTIBLE: Lore (Cooperation)
LOCATION: When you reach the spiral towards, head to the right in order to find this one.

COLLECTIBLE: Artefact (Althjof’s Statue)
LOCATION: As we make our way up the spiral structure we will come across a puzzle and some rubble that seems to be blocking our path. There is in fact an explosive behind this rubble that, once destroyed, will remove our blockade for us.

Head through here and use the grappling hook to reach a doorway. Inside this next room will be our next artefact and a Mystic Gateway.

COLLECTIBLE: Yggdrasil Rift
LOCATION: This Yggdrasil Rift is located near the Mystic Gateway. After removing the rubble that is blocking our path.

COLLECTIBLE: Nornir Chest (IDUNN Apple)
LOCATION: This Nornir Chest is located near the Mystic Gateway after removing the rubble that is blocking our path.

SEAL 1: The first seal is located next to the Mystic Gateway

SEAL 2: The second seal is located behind the rubble. Use the explosive to clear the rubble.

SEAL 3: The third and final seal is located behind a small waterfall in the distance. Freeze the water before trying to go for it.

LOCATION: Whilst travelling up the spiral structure there will be a grapple hook. Use this to swing on over to a doorway.

COLLECTIBLE: Artefact (Durinn’s Stone Statue)
LOCATION: This specific artefact is located near the doorway to the Draugr Hole. Clear the blue rubble in order to find it.

LOCATION: After solving the puzzle involving the ore. We can then find this raven sitting on the wooden ledge.

COLLECTIBLE: Artefact (Sanguinity)
LOCATION: Take the elevator down into The Applecore (re-visit). Then use the zipline to get across to the other side. Follow this path and use the Spear to climb up the wall at the end.

Up here use the Spear again to destroy the rocks. The collectible artefact is just beyond here.

COLLECTIBLE: Nornir Chest (Horn Of Blood Mead)
LOCATION: Take the elevator lift down to The Applecore (re-visit). From there use the zipline to get across to the other side. From there keep an eye on the right for a location where we can use the Spear.

The Nornir Chest is up here.

SEAL 1: This first seal is located to the left of the Nornir Chest. It sits on a small platform

SEAL 2: This second seal is located right next to the other one, also on a small platform.

SEAL 3: This third and final seal is situated next to the ledges. Climb these ledges and turn right to spot it.

COLLECTIBLE: Lore (Demise Of Dagestr)
LOCATION: This specific lore is actually part of a treasure map. It can be found near the previous Nornir Chest. Simply use the zipline to reach the other side and then equip and use the spear to reach the above platform.

COLLECTIBLE: Legendary Chest (Banahogg Knob)
LOCATION: After getting past the blockage next to the puzzle continue on and through the door, here there will be another Mystic Gateway. This area also features a Yggdrasil Rift and a Nornir Chest.

Anyway head past the Mystic Gateway and turn left to find a very small passage that we can climb through. Do so.

Here, on the other side, look up to find a platform that we can grapple up to. This Legendary Chest is hidden behind a secret wall.

In order to reveal this secret wall we will need to interact with runic panel.

COLLECTIBLE: Lore (Mining Glory)
LOCATION: This piece of lore is actually connected to the Treasure Maps. We will NOT be able to collect it without first unlocking the other treasure map that is connected to this one. This can be found in Nidavellir.

From there return back to The Applecore and head to the spiral structure. Continue down the spiral structure, to where the running water resides. The map or, rather, lore is located here.


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