(GOW) God Of War Ragnarok – Gate Puzzle (Shipyard Of The Fallen – Reunion)

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As you continue through the Shipyard of the Fallen, which is a location within Helheim, we will be still trying to pursue and chase Garm. The oversized mut that seems to be tearing up the realms.

Upon our continuation of chasing down Garm we will come across a gate puzzle. This gate will be kind of a rusty yellow and quite a simple one to solve.


This gate puzzle is located within the new area of the Shipyard of the Fallen, a location within Helheim. We will come across it as we continue to chase down Garm.

This puzzle will be very similar to the past previous puzzle that we came across in The Gleaming Bale. Here we will find both a gate and a mechanical wheel crank.


This puzzle should be quite an easy one to solve, especially after having solved the previous one in The Gleaming Bale. It is very similar to the previous puzzle.

It, just like with the previous puzzle, requires Atreus to use his Chain Element (pink arrows) and for Kratos to be equipped with the Leviathan Axe

Anyway to the right side of this gate there will be the gate mechanism, the mechanism that is connected to the gate itself. As we interact with the crank it will both raise and lower this said mechanism.

What we want to do now is to order and issue Atreus to aim his Chain Element arrows at this mechanism on the right. Connect them together and make enough of them so that we can aim our Leviathan Axe at them in just a bit, do not use the axe just yet.

Before switching over to the Leviathan Axe we will first need to interact with the crank and raise the gate. Now hopefully you have managed to connect enough pink Chain Elements so that our Leviathan Axe can still target them, even with the gate raised. If not have Atreus create more of them so that we can.

Then switch over to the Leviathan Axe and aim at the Chain Elements so that it explodes and causes a domino effect, just like with the previous puzzle.

Now the gate will be temporarily frozen open, allowing us to then pass through. Remember that the gate will only remain open for as long as the Leviathan Axe is still connect to it. So do not summon the axe back until you have successfully passed the gate.


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