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As you explore The Gleaming Bale, a location within Helheim and is part of the Reunion mission chapter, you will come across a gate puzzle.

This gate puzzle will be featured after swinging and climbing your way around a damaged bridge. It also occurs after discovering a Hell Tear. This then activates the Hel To Pay Favour Quest.


This particular gate puzzle is located within The Gleaming Bale, in the Helheim region. It comes after encountering one of the Hel Tears and unlocking the Hel To Pay Favour Quest

We will then need to swing and climb our way around a damaged bridge, here we will then come across our infamous puzzle.

This puzzle will involve a gate and a mechanical wheel or crank that operates this said gate.


When you first come across this puzzle we can interact with the mechanical crank, this will operate the gate. However, we cannot progress any further as every time we let go of this crank the gate will then automatically close once again. Hm.

In order to solve this problem and be able to move on we will first need to make sure that Atreus is equipped with the Chain Element arrow. The pink one, in case you were having difficulty in remembering. Have Kratos equipped with the Leviathan Axe

From there order and issue Atreus to fire the Chain Element arrows just above this gate. Where you should be able to see a silver metal panel. We want Atreus to connect the Chain Elements all across this panel.

Now use the crank and raise the gate. Once raised use Kratos to aim the Leviathan Axe at one of the Pink Chain Elements. Make sure you do actually aim and connect with these elements otherwise nothing will happen, it can be somewhat precise and requires proper aiming of the Leviathan Axe.

Once the Leviathan Axe does indeed connect with one of the Chaim Elements this will then cause an explosion, a domino effect so to speak. More importantly though by doing this the gate should now be frozen open to allow us to now pass into the next area.

(Note: Do not summon the Leviathan Axe back until you have passed the gate. Doing so will automatically close the gate once again. If that happens we will then need to redo the puzzle. The gate will only remain open for as long as the Leviathan Axe is still connected to it)


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