(GOW) God Of War Ragnarok – How To Unlock Muspelheim Realm (The Crucible)

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As you venture further into (GOW) God Of War Ragnarok there is a chance that you may find yourself coming across a collectible known as a Muspelheim Seed Half.

These Muspelheim Seeds are required in order to both start and complete The Crucible Favour Side Quest.

There are two of these Muspelheim Seeds to find altogether. By finding both pieces we can then unlock the Muspelheim Realm and continue The Crucible quest.

The Muspelheim Realm is an optional location that players can unlock. It is a location that features other Favour Side Quests such as Nine Realms in Bloom. It also features the infamous Surtr’s gauntlet and combat trails.

Below is a simple guide on how to find these Muspelheim Seeds and unlock the Muspelheim Realm.


There is a total of two missing Muspelheim Seeds, both of which can be found inside Legendary Chests. Both of which are required to unlock the Muspelheim Realm and continue The Crucible quest.

One of these Muspelheim Seeds are located within Modvitnir’s Rig. A location within the Bay Of Bounty in Svartalfheim. We will come across Modvitnir’s Rig during the In The Service Of Asgard quest

Whilst the first Legendary Chest and Muspelheim Seed is rather easy to find and can be found relatively early in the game. The same cannot be said about the second Muspelheim Seed.

In order to find the second Muspelheim Seed you will need to continue through the story as normal, until you unlock the Draupnir Spear. We need this spear in order to unlock the area to where this Legendary Chest is located.

After unlocking the Draupnir Spear you will then need to make your way to Freyr’s Camp. A location within Vanaheim.

The Legendary Chest that contains the Muspelheim Seed is located behind a wall, near the camp. Use the Draupnir Spear in order to destroy this wall.


After you have successfully managed to acquire both Muspelheim Seeds you can then head to any Mystic Gateway.

Interact with the Mystic Gateway and the option to travel to the Muspelheim Realm should now be available to us.

Once at the Muspelheim Realm we can then take part in Surtr’s Challenges and continue or begin the Nine Realms in Bloom quest.


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