Greedfall : Demoniacal Cult Quest (Candle Puzzle Solution) Guide

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Whilst exploring the vast open world and completing various different quests, you should eventually come across one called ‘Demoniacal Cult’, in which it will lead to a Candle / Monolith type puzzle for you to solve in order to progress.

Now this one is not that difficult to actually solve as it is more or less hinted to you as to what the correct answer is and there is only six different candles you can light.

​However, if your having issues below is a simple guide on how to solve this easy little puzzle!

As you can see there are six candles or six Wind Stones you need to activate in the correct order, failure to do so will force you into a fight against some random beasts.

So lets make sure we get this correct shall we? The riddle is simple enough but for those struggling the correct order is as follows:

1) Storm / Wind
2) Lightning
3) Fire
4) Death
5) Water
6) Life

Now if you managed to do it correctly as said above, you should now be able to continue. Happy travels!

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