Greedfall : Face To Face With The Demon (Drum Puzzle) Solution Guide

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As you continue your adventures through the vast open world and continue to complete the different quests, you should eventually come across one called ‘Face To Face With The Demon’

During this quest you will encounter a strange old man who more or less speaks in riddles and you will soon enough find yourself face to face with a Drum puzzle that you need to solve in order to progress.

​Considering there is only three Drums here, it should not be difficult to actually solve. However, if you are indeed struggling then we have the solution for you below!

So here you have three Drums, two of which has a picture on it one of which is a Snake and the other some kind of Fly but which to you smack first? Hmm..
To be honest the old man told us the answer already but still he’s a confusing man lets be honest here, the correct answer to this one is the following:

1) Fly
2) Blank
3) Snake

​Congratulation you can continue your adventures! Give Vasco a kiss for me please? Thanks! ha!

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