Greedfall : How To Romance Vasco (Love And The Sea) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Greedfall allows you to romance several different characters within the game, nothing much comes from having a lovely relationship with them but you can get some trophies and achievements from doing it.
They are all missable too, so what out!

Below is a guide on how to have romance with the charming Sea Captain, Vasco. Doing this will net you the Love and the Sea trophy achievement

What you want to do in order to trigger this one, is to complete all of his available Side Quests, of which there are 3 in total. Thankfully the quests can be triggered rather early in the game and more or less straight after completing the last quest too, easy pickings.

For me the first quest triggered once I had entered New Serene, this quest was called A Name For A Family. Now completing these quests are all well and good but what you need to really make sure you do correctly is to pick the correct dialogue options with Vasco, doing so will increase his relationship which is mandatory for this whole process to work!

​Below is a list of his quests and what dialogue option you should pick…

NOTE) If the next quest does not trigger straight after the last one, then wait an hour or so then try again.

NAME: A Name For A Family
CORRECT DIALOGUE OPTION: Ask Him – Whether he wished he was never given to the Nauts – Ask him if he has any happy memories

Family Reunion
CORRECT DIALOGUE OPTION: What he thought of his brother – This encounter allowed him to assert himself

Forever A Naut
CORRECT DIALOGUE OPTION: Whether he intends to set sail again – Tell him that you wish you could sail with him again
After doing all of those correctly you will then need to talk to him once again to trigger the next part. He will ask if you could meet him alone somewhere and that you agree to do so but at your home residence. Thus head to your nearby Residence, each main town should have one. 
Once inside your residence, head upstairs to fulfil the rest of this relationship and witness a lovely cutscene. Congratulations you are now in a relationship with Vasco, how sweet..

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