Greedfall : Family Reunion (Captain Vasco Side Quest) Guide

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Family Reunion is the second quest in Captain Vasco’s questline, it only occurs after completing the first quest (A Name For A Family).
This time Vasco wants to seek out any members of his family, hence ‘family reunion’.

​So speak to him to activate the quest and let us begin…

Your first objective is to go and see Lady Morange (you should know where she is thanks to the quest marker and the main story) who will tell you of a person named Bastien and that he is a bit of an idiot and not a very good person.

We will now want to head to see a Merchant known as Madame Clerc, she is not very far away and should again be marked on your map. 

Here you will learn more about Bastien and again it seems that no one likes him very much, she will also know more information about him too but will not elaborate unless you pay her or use your charisma assuming it is high enough.

Apparently Bastien is was meant to head for Hikmet but she is unsure if he actually went or not. You now want to go and see a man named Ferhat (again in the same area and once again marked on the map)

You will find Mr Ferhat upstairs, looks like whatever Bastien has been up to it involves money and Ferhat is not happy about it. After speaking with him, head back downstairs and the Alchemist will stop you.

Turns out the Alchemist knows more about this Bastien but also wants to resign as an Alechemist that works for Ferhat. He is not happy that he had to work with cheap materials and thus wants you to go and inform Ferhat of his resignation, so head back upstairs and do so.

The next location which is also marked on your map is the last location, if you end up getting lost in trying to get to this next location (like I did), then you will find it under some buildings, it is actually behind the row of building so look for an area you can access under a building around this area.

Warning the cutscene will automatically play if you are near the correct area, you should hear some voices that sounds like someone being bullied.
Turns out Bastien is here and has some serious Debt Collectors interrogating him, you can either pay them what Bastien owes them, attack them or use your charisma assuming it is high enough. I myself had high enough charisma at this point and sent them packing without any bloodshed.

The quest now ends and your respect with Vasco goes up, yay! If you have not been doing much involving Vasco, you should now reach the ‘friendly’ status with him.  
​If you are aiming to get the Love and the Sea (i.e trying to get the relationship with Vasco) trophy achievement then refer to this guide here: Love and the Sea

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