Greedfall : How To Get Nauts Costume Outfit Location Guide

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In Greedfall some quests require you to stealth through areas undetected which to help with this requires the Naut costume outfit, this outfit is actually called Sailor’s Coat and can be quite an important bit of clothing, so try not to sell it. 

Now I only know of one location of where this hides and it is right at the start of the game and thus can be missable. You will get it in a storage building in Serena. 

​Below is a step by step guide on how to get it..

Okay well first off you need to find the location, this is on the map in the above picture. So head here, you should see a door and it is actually the same room as where you encounter a fellow Naut member if you are trying to complete the Cabin Boy side quest here. 

You will find the costume inside a chest in the back of the room, great now you are a proper member of Naut congratulations! Now remember do NOT sell it!

(Note: You may be able to get away with taking Vasco’s clothing from him (swoons) as his gear does count as Naut gear but I’m not sure if it is possible earlier on, however it will come in handy later especially so if you cannot grab anything sooner.)

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