Halo Infinite – Mission: Nexus Walkthrough Guide

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This page is a walkthrough for the Nexus mission. It will be covering all available collectibles such as UNSC Audio Logs, Banished Audio Logs, Spartan Audio Logs, Forerunner Archives, and Skulls.

  • PREVIOUS MISSION: The Sequence
  • Continue to follow the mission objective and you will eventually come to a locked door, don’t worry though as there is a panel nearby that we can use to unlock it
  • In the next room we will be up against two Hunters, we should be used to these by now. Remember their weakness is their backs, so grapple around them until you get a clear shot.
  • After dealing with those activate the piston in the room. Then continue to follow the mission objective.
  • Activate the gondola and take out the sentinels.
  • After riding the gondola we will then enter the spire room, where we can find our first collectible of the mission. UNSC Audio Log – The Mission, which is actually story related and simply requires you to try and activate the lift.
  • There is also another collectible in one of the side rooms here, you can spot it just after going through the door. (UNSC Audio Log – Barely Anything Left)
  • Now we need to power up the crucibles. We can do this by grabbing the Power Seed from the side rooms, there are three crucibles so we need to find three Power Seed
  • In one of the rooms, the bridge will disappear as soon as you take the Power Seed, just use the grapple to reach the other side.
  • With the Power Seed in place, we can now activate the Nexus lift
  • After the scene ride the now activate gravlift up and the mission will end.

NEXT MISSION: The Command Spire


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