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This page is dedicated to showing the various locations to all of the collectibles that can be found within the The Command Spire mission. This includes UNSC Audio LogsSpartan Audio LogsSkullsBanished Audio Logs, Spartan Core Suit UpgradesMjolnir Armor Lockers

Getting them all will earn you the following trophies and achievements; Dispatches from the FrontCanon CollectorInfinity DownRubicon ProtocolHeadstrongCatacombTwo Sides to Every StoryKnow Your EnemyMjolnir MasterHidden ExperienceMoney in the BankArmory Amore.


  • SKULL: Mythic
  • GUIDE:
  • As you continue through the mission you will come across a rather brightly lit room, with the power generator in our direct focus.
  • At the back of the room there will be several moving platforms, we need to grapple up on to these.
  • From there grapple on to the platform just above, the skull can be found just beyond the door up here.


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