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This page is a walkthrough for the Recovery / The Tower mission. It will be covering all available collectibles such as UNSC Audio Logs, Banished Audio Logs, Spartan Audio Logs, Forerunner Archives, and Skulls.

  • PREVIOUS MISSION: Outpost Tremonius
  • AVAILABLE COLLECTIBLES: 1/1 Spartan Audio Log, 2/2 UNSC Audio Log, 1/1 Banished Audio Log, 2/2 Spartan Core, 1/1 Mjolnir Locker, 1/1 Threat Sensor Gadget, 1/1 Skull


  • We now find ourselves on FOB Golf and will be tasked with removing the FOB from the network.
  • Simply head down the hill and eliminate the Banished here
  • Near our location will be a Spartan Audio Log – Home Defense. You can find it by climbing up the platforms on the left.
  • On the FOB platform there will be another audio log for us to collect (UNSC Audio Log – Preparations)
  • Interact with the FOB Capture device and we will now unlock the Mongoose vehicle.
  • Our next destination is a little north from here, so use the Mongoose to get there.
  • We will end up at The Tower


  • At The Tower you should notice a group of hostages near the entrance, in order to save them you will need to pick up and throw a nearby Blast or Plasma Coil
  • In order to proceed further into the area there will be a nearby building, here there will be a Gate Control that you can activate.
  • With the gate now down we can continue on, if you managed to save the hostages earlier they will become our new companions and help us eliminate any Banished.
  • There will be more hostages in the next area, again use the nearby Blast and Plasma Coils to recue them
  • Before we solve the lockdown problem, there will be a collectible in the area (Harbinger – Banished Audio Log). It resides inside one of the buildings here
  • Also nearby there will be a Spartan Core we can collect, remember to hit the scan button if you are having trouble
  • There will be an Armor Locker (Midnight Griffin MKVII) also around here, in order to find it head to the end of the land and there will be a section you can drop down to. The locker is here.
  • That is all of the collectibles sorted for now, so continue to follow the mission marker which will take you to a building with a ramp.
  • Head up this ramp and end the lockdown.
  • Our next task is to activate the Gravlift, use your grapple to reach the mechanism and activate it.
  • After dealing with the Banished use the Gravlift and we will find the Threat Sensor Gadget, which basically reveals any enemies within range.
  • Head through the next door and defeat the next wave of enemies, there will also be a UNSC Audio Log (What Was Inside) just to the right.
  • Continue following the mission objective and head through the door. In the next room we can find another Spartan Core
  • Continue on and we will find Spartan Griffin tied up. Open the door to his room.
  • Chak’Lok will appear and a fight will commence.
  • Chak’Lok can turn invisible so you will need to take advantage of the Threat Sensor Gadget that we got earlier. You can also use the nearby Blast and Plasma Coils in order to stun him too
  • Once the boss has been dealt with go ahead and rescue Spartan Griffin and the mission will end.
  • However, we have one more collectible left to get and it requires quite a bit of platforming and you will need to unlock the Quickshot for the grapple ability.
  • If you have that unlocked then you will need to grapple your way up to the roof of the building you were just in.
  • It may require a few attempts before you manage to hit the top but once you do you will find the Skull (IWHBYD)

NEXT MISSION: Excavation Site


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