Halo Infinite – Mission: Outpost Tremonius Walkthrough Guide

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This page is a walkthrough for the Outpost Tremonius mission. It will be covering all available collectibles such as UNSC Audio Logs, Banished Audio Logs, Spartan Audio Logs, Forerunner Archives, and Skulls.

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  • PREVIOUS MISSION: Foundation
  • AVAILABLE COLLECTIBLES: Spartan Suit Upgrade 3/3, Banished Audio Log 1/1, Mjolnir Locker 1/1
  • As soon as the mission begins we will be able to grab a Spartan Core 1/3, which stuns grappled enemies for a short time. You can find it in the green container box, in order to use it be sure to access the Upgrades menu.
  • Anyway continue along the path and we will find the sleeping Grunts. After dealing with those Master Chief will question how to get out of here, yes it does look like a dead end. However, it is not. In this room you will find a switch for the Loading Bay Doors, activate it.
  • After the scene we will now be outside, don’t travel to far instead make a U-turn as we can find another Spartan Core 2/3 nearby. It is outside just behind the ship you were in.
  • Continue to follow the mission marker, there will be quite a lot of Banished here so be careful. Anyway our next Spartan Core 3/3 can be found by jumping over the gate
  • There is a Banished Audio Log nearby, simply head down the small hill behind you and the collectible (In Your Honor) can be found amongst the containers and boxes here.
  • From here use your grapple to head to the above area, there will be tons of Banished here too. Deal with them and then we can get our final collectible of the mission.
  • The collectible (Mjolnir Armor Locker) can be found by one of the orange shields
  • When you are ready secure the landing zone by activating the nearby terminal, doing so will complete the mission.

NEXT MISSION: Recovery / The Tower


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