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This page is a walkthrough for the Foundation mission. It will be covering all available collectibles such as UNSC Audio Logs, Banished Audio Logs, Spartan Audio Logs, Forerunner Archives, and Skulls.

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  • PREVIOUS MISSION: Warship Gbraakon
  • AVAILABLE COLLECTIBLES: 2/2 UNSC Audio Log, 1/1 Skull, 1/1 Banished Audio Log, 1/1 Suit Upgrades


  • At the start of the mission use the grapple to get across the gap and to the next platform
  • Continue along the platform and towards a door, there will be a few enemies that we need to deal with but we can easily get passed those.
  • Head through the blue corridor and across the bridge. Continue to follow the mission marker and ride the lift up at the end.
  • After defeating more enemies and following the mission marker some more, we will come across a room with strange mechanical skeleton platforms (Forerunner), which will try to knock you off and into the dark abyss.
  • So take your time and try to avoid getting knocked off, it should not be difficult really. Once we reach the end, a scene will trigger and we will meet the Weapon, which is basically a hologram.
  • After you are done riding the platform we will now come across other holograms, just continue through the following door.
  • In this next room there will be a collectible that we can find, however it will require some platforming in order to get it. There will be a ledge we can grapple to just above us, head onto this ledge and then grapple onto the ledge next to it. It may take a few attempts but if we pull it off we will be rewarded with the Cowbell Skull
  • In the next room Weapon will locate the source but unfortunately the bridge is out, so we need to head down the stairs. Here grab the Power Seed
  • Return back up the stairs and insert the Power Seed into the crucible
  • Cross the bridge and interact with the data at the end. We will now get a scene and our next UNSC Audio Log (The Question)
  • When you are ready head across the bridge and through the door. Continue to follow the linear path.
  • Heading through another door will bring you to a mechanical device, activate it to form a new bridge. Banished will then spawn.
  • After dealing with the enemy, stay within the room as we can collect our next collectible (Cylix – Banished Audio Log). Simply activate the mechanical device in order to reveal another bridge, the collectible is by the door to the next area
  • Head through the door and we will encounter a Grunt Mule, which are members of the Banished that tend to drop a range of loot.
  • Grapple up to the platform with the sniper and take the Power Seed, then drop back down to the ground floor and insert it into the nearby crucible. The lift will then activate and we can ride it up
  • Continue to follow the mission objective to find a fallen Spartan, interact with the device next to her and we will get our first suit upgrade (Shield Module)
  • Shield Modules basically improve your suit’s shield and how much damage it can absorb.
  • In the next room there will be quite a few waves of enemies to deal with, then we will need to find another Power Seed.
  • The Power Seed can be found in the next room, with the Forerunners or at least their containers anyway. There will also be another collectible in here too, Not My Fault – UNSC Audio Log
  • Take the Power Seed and head back and place it into the crucible next to the lift.
  • Activate the lift and Tremonius will arrive along with a few of his phonies, deal with them. Tremonius has quite a lot of health however, this room has plenty of different weapons and ammunition should you need it.
  • Now ride the lift up and the mission will end.

NEXT MISSION: Outpost Tremonius


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