Halo Infinite – Mission: Warship Gbraakon Walkthrough Guide

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This page is a walkthrough for the Warship Gbraakon mission. It will be covering all available collectibles such as UNSC Audio Logs, Banished Audio Logs, Spartan Audio Logs, Forerunner Archives, and Skulls.

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  • AVAILABLE COLLECTIBLES: 1/1 Banished Audio Logs, 1/1 Skull, 1/1 UNSC Audio Logs, 1/1 Spartan Audio Log


  • After the opening scene we will be tasked with having to locate the bridge. If you head to the left of the area you will come across a sleeping Banished, next to it will be the Plasma Pistol.
  • There will be plenty of other weapons that we can find nearby too such as the BR75 and MA40 AR
  • In order to progress the mission we will need to take advantage of the grapple ability. We can do this by heading to the above platforms on the left.
  • Here use the grapple (R1 – controller) and we will be lifted towards the conveyor area.
  • Head up the conveyor and follow the path, we will now need to battle a few waves of enemies. There isn’t many though and it should not pose a problem.
  • However, in the next room we will need to fight a rather tough grunt who can deal a lot of damage if you are not careful. Simply aim for his head and keep away from him in order to let your shield recharge.
  • Keep following the rather linear path and at the hologram head through the door on the left. We will be taken to a room with a Kinetic ammo refill crate, feel free to use it and the one next to it.
  • In the cargo area use the grapple to get across to the next platform
  • We will now come across the Jackals who use a shield to protect themselves from damage, in order to get around it use the grapple and take them out using the nearby Mangler
  • After dealing with the enemies here ride the elevator up, our first real collectible can be found here (Spartan Audio Log Infinity Down)
  • Keep following the objective marker and deal with the next set of enemies
  • As you continue you will come across a Kinetic ammo crate should you need it and then head through the next door. There will be quite a few enemies here so be on your guard.
  • Whilst in this room we can also find another collectible, this time a Skull (Boom)
  • If you tap the scan button whilst on the top platform next to the various lifts, you should notice the Skull, we can get it by riding the lift.
  • You now want to head through the door on the far eastern side of the room. It will take you to a room with two large holograms.
  • There is only one door here in which we can proceed through, it will also lead to a scene involving Escharum. Deal with the enemies but don’t do anything else after as there is one more collectible to collect.
  • Once the enemies have been dealt with, you can find the collectible (Loss – Banished Log) to the east of the area. It sits by the locked door.
  • When you are ready head to the large window and activate the panel here to disable the stasis beam


  • We will now get a new objective which requires us to destroy the cooling manifolds
  • If you tap the scan button the game will indicate and tell you were these cooling manifolds can be found. However, unfortunately more enemies have now spawned in the area so we will need to deal with them too. In order to destroy the cooling manifolds, simply shoot at them.
  • Head back to the controls and activate them in order to overload the engines.
  • It will now be time to try and escape the Pelican, just follow the objective marker and it will lead you to a room full of toxic waste.
  • Either use the grapple ability to get across or the platforms to the left of the room, either way once you manage to cross the waste we will have some enemies to deal with.
  • Drop down the inactive lift and continue to follow the objective marker and we will be back in the cargo room once again.
  • Continue along the platforms. However, you will inevitably reach a platform that will fall if you take too long, simply search for a nearby platform that has a gap in it that you can jump into.
  • From there follow the remaining platforms and and we will find a bunch of enemies, deal with them.
  • Once again follow the mission objective marker and a scene will trigger and the mission will end.

NEXT MISSION: Foundation


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