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This page is a walkthrough for the Repository mission. It will be covering all available collectibles such as UNSC Audio Logs, Banished Audio Logs, Spartan Audio Logs, Forerunner Archives, and Skulls.

  • PREVIOUS MISSION: The Command Spire
  • AVAILABLE COLLECTIBLES: 1/1 Skull, 2/2 UNSC Audio Logs
  • Continue to follow the mission objective and you will eventually end up in a room with various locked doors
  • Head across the bridge and we will be attacked by Sentinel drones, nothing new there. Once you are done activate the Access Relay, this will unlock the doors.
  • After the scene ignore the story for now as we have a collectible to get, which requires us to take a slight detour. So head through the side door on the right.
  • In here we will find the Power Seed
  • Now we want to head to the other side room and insert the Power Seed into the slot here. Now continue the story as we cannot do anything more for now.
  • When you reach a certain room, our hologram will want us to check out the window, do so as it will unlock the nearby door.
  • In the following room is where can collect that collectible from earlier (Grunt Birthday Party – Skull)
  • Simply use the grapple and make your way to the top ledge, be careful though as there are several invisible Energy Sword foes up here. The skull should be up here.
  • Continue to follow the mission objective and activate the gravlift, ride it up.
  • After taking the gravlift head into the side room and continue down, we will end up being trapped in the room.
  • In order to escape the room we will need to take the Power Seed and ride the new teleport that has now become active.
  • If you continue on we will eventually be back in the room with the currently inactive teleport, insert the Power Seed here
  • Again head into the next side room and follow the path down to the next Power Seed, return to the gravlift and insert the last remaining Power Seed
  • Now that both Power Seeds have been inserted the gravlift should now be activated, ride it up and continue to follow the mission objective
  • For some reason my game kept crashing after the Cortana scene, it took me around 3-4 attempts to progress.. So just a heads up.
  • Anyway in one of the nearby rooms there will be a (UNSC Audio Log – Price Paid)
  • It will be on the table beeping away. That should conclude the collectibles for this mission (one of which is automatic and story related)
  • If you continue on from here you should end up at a locked door, use the nearby panel to unlock it.
  • Continue to follow the path in order to complete the mission.



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