Halo Infinite – All Repository Collectibles Guide

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This page is dedicated to showing the various locations to all of the collectibles that can be found within the Repository mission. This includes UNSC Audio LogsSpartan Audio LogsSkullsBanished Audio Logs, Spartan Core Suit UpgradesMjolnir Armor Lockers

Getting them all will earn you the following trophies and achievements; Dispatches from the FrontCanon CollectorInfinity DownRubicon ProtocolHeadstrongCatacombTwo Sides to Every StoryKnow Your EnemyMjolnir MasterHidden ExperienceMoney in the BankArmory Amore.


  • SKULL: Grunt Birthday Party
  • GUIDE:
  • As you continue the story you will be required to activate the Access Relay, this will result in a scene involving Escharum.
  • Ignore the story for now and head through the side room on the right, use the grapple to get there. Inside this room there will be a Power Seed, take it.
  • Now take the Power Seed and insert it into the other side room, again use the grapple to get there. Continue the story.
  • After a few more rooms we will then reach a room with pillars and doors to each side, the skull can be found up on top of the platform above. Watch out though as Energy Sword wielding foes live up here too.


  • AUDIO LOG: Price Paid
  • GUIDE:
  • After the scene involving Cortana and the hologram, the nearby rooms will unlock.
  • In one of these now unlocked rooms will be the audio log


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