Heaven Dust II : All Waist Bag Locations (Inventory Increase) Guide

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As you continue through Heaven Dust 2 you will encounter Waist Bags, these basically increase your inventory space. Which is always a great thing when you already have a limited amount of space to begin with. Once you manage to collect one of them, you can use it by heading into your inventory and clicking Use, your inventory will then be increased by a total of 2 spaces.

Below is a simple guide on how to find the Waist Bags.


  • GUIDE:
  • After successfully solving the water puzzle continue on across the wooden planks, this will lead you to a room.
  • Inside this room will be the first Waist Bag.


  • LOCATION: Wood Cabin
  • GUIDE:
  • From the Wood Cabin there will be several cardboard boxes. You need to use these boxes to form a bridge that leads you to a chest. The waist bag can be found inside this chest.
  • There will be Heavy Ammo Pistol in the first chest, the waist bag is in the second chest and requires the second box to be positioned properly.


  • GUIDE:
  • This one requires the Small Key in order to unlock the door.
  • The room you need can be found to the west of the Graveyard.


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