Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem – A Smell of Petroleum Prevails (All Secrets) Guide

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In Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem there are a total of 5 chapters that contain a wide range of hidden secrets and collectibles. Getting them all will net you with the Sam the Explorer and No Stone Unturned trophy achievement

This page will be covering Chapter 1: A Smell of Petroleum Prevails, which contains 16 collectible secrets altogether.

  • SECRET 1/16: Ammo – This can be found after docking your boat. It is next to the large pipe on the right, and amongst the debris on the floor
  • SECRET 2/16: Trap – From the last collectible continue towards the quest marker. There will be a white container by the water, it is in here.
  • SECRET 3/16: Armor – Continue towards the quest marker once again. You should eventually reach an abandoned shack and a damaged bridge next to it. Cross this bridge to find it.
  • SECRET 4/16: Rocket Launcher – Head towards the abandoned shack with the First Aid. Next to this building there will be a wooden floor and a blue barrel. Break through the wooden floor to find this one.
  • SECRET 5/16: Explosives – From the abandoned building continue on up the hill. Stick to the right and you will come across a bunch of trees. Near these trees there will be a blue container, the secret is here.
  • SECRET 6/16: Armor – From the explosives turn back around and continue towards the quest marker. Head past the quest area and continue on to the abandoned vehicle, turn left here. Head towards the building here and, more specifically, the pier. The collectible is on the pier
  • SECRET 7/16: Trap – From the pier continue left. The next collectible can be found by a tree with a blue container.
  • SECRET 8/16: Rockets – Head north towards a large factory area, continue on. There will be an abandoned building to the west of this factory that contains this collectible.
  • SECRET 9/16: Looped Portal – This one can be found at the large building that the quest marker takes you to. You will need to jump through one of the tunnels on the building
  • SECRET 10/16: – Head inside the building with the fire and head down the hallway. Continue to follow the quest marker. Then jump on to the blue platform above. The secret is in this area
  • SECRET 11/16: Rockets – Find the blue abandoned train. The collectible is right next to it.
  • SECRET 12/16: Depot – Head to the other side of the train track to find this next one.
  • SECRET 13/16: Explosives – Continue to follow the quest marker, you should reach a walkway. At the bottom of this walkway is a small tunnel area, the collectible is in here.
  • SECRET 14/16: Explosives – Continue to follow the quest marker, you will reach a yellow gate. Head left from here to find a room. The collectible is next to this room.
  • SECRET 15/16: Armor – You will eventually find yourself inside a large warehouse, connected to this warehouse on the top floor there will be a platform that you can climb up, do so.
  • SECRET 16/16: Classic Arena – From the armor head down the path to find a bunch of crates, break through these crates. Destroy the hidden wall.


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