Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem – The Song of The Stormbringer (All Secrets) Guide

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In Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem there are a total of 5 chapters that contain a wide range of hidden secrets and collectibles. Getting them all will net you with the Sam the Explorer and No Stone Unturned trophy achievement

This page will be covering Chapter 2: The Song of the Stormbringer, which contains 11 collectible secrets altogether.

  • SECRET 1/11: Gadget – In the area with the large blue container there will be a set of pipes on the wall, climb up them in order to reach a platform above. The collectible is here
  • SECRET 2/11: Armor – From the gadget continue to follow the quest marker. The next collectible is hiding on the train.
  • SECRET 3/11: Explosives – Head to the Energize optional objective and you will instructed to get inside the hangar. The collectible is hiding amongst the two white containers.
  • SECRET 4/11: Explosives – Staying with the Energize objective, head into the number 4 hangar. Follow this hangar to the left and inside the number 2 hangar. The collectible can be found behind the shelves.
  • SECRET 5/11: Health – Continue to follow the Energize objective. At the set of trees you will want to keep to the left and climb the rocks here. At the top continue left to find an abandoned building, the collectible is here.
  • SECRET 6/11: Skillpoint – Return towards the Energize objective and activate the next objective (Go back to the hangar). To the north of this area there should be a blue water tank and a tunnel leading down, follow this tunnel.
  • SECRET 7/11: Armor – Continue to follow the main quest marker until you reach the watch tower. The collectible can be found near here, behind the wall to the west.
  • SECRET 8/11: Hacked Drone – Keep following the quest marker and you will reach a bunch of watch towers labelled 1 and 2. Near here there will be a set of blue containers, the collectible is here.
  • SECRET 9/11: Portal – From the blue containers continue on and drop down to the ledge just below you. There will be a hidden area in the floor, drop through here.
  • SECRET 10/11: Explosives – Continue to follow the quest marker and you will reach a bunch of white containers. The collectible is next to these containers.
  • SECRET 11/11: Classic Area – From the white containers head west and under the bridge, there will be a bunch of blue and white containers. Blow up the containers.


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