Heaven Dust II : How To Solve The Garden Water Puzzle Guide

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One of the many puzzles found within Heaven Dust 2 is the garden water puzzle, this puzzle basically shoots spirts of water in a specific order and number of times. Now we need to solve this puzzle in order to unlock the next door and progress on

Below is a simple guide on how to do this..

  • When you arrive at the garden water puzzle you will quickly realize that there is nothing we can do with it, not right now anyway.
  • In order to solve it we will need another item, a Golden Round Plate. We can find this item by climbing down the ladder, and locating it on the trash bins.
  • From there insert the Golden Round Plate into the slot of the water puzzle, this will then start the water puzzle.
  • Whilst watching the water spirts shooting up, though it might be nice to watch, if you notice and pay attention you will then realize that these spirts are trying to tell us something, it is trying to tell us the code for the door.
  • The amount of times one of the chutes spirts out water is actually the number to the code.
  • If you are still struggling then the code you are looking for is 645


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