Heaven Dust II : How To Get Out Of The Starting Room (Door Code) Guide

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Heaven Dust 2 has many different puzzles that you will need to solve in order to progress the game, one of which begins as early as the starting room. In the Freeze Chamber Deposit.

Here you will be tasked with having to input a code in order to unlock the door, this puzzle is actually quite an easy one to solve. However, if you find yourself struggling then below is a simple guide on how to progress and unlock the door.

  • In order to get out of the starting room within the Freeze Chamber Deposit you will need to input a specific code in order to unlock the door.
  • In order to work out what this code actually is you can read the document on the nearby table (Alexander’s Note 1). In this document the game tells you what the code actually is.
  • However, if for whatever reason you still find yourself struggling then the code is the number on Steve’s back 518


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