Heaven Dust II – Return Kay’s Camera (What About Kay-I) Guide

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One of the trophies and achievements that you can unlock within Heaven Dust II 2 is What About Kay-I. This requires you to Return Kay’s Camera

You can find Kay by the Prison Guard Room, if you speak to her she will tell you that she got trapped after the ceiling caved in. She will also mention that a monster snatched her camera, she will want you to retrieve it.


  • You can find Kay by the Prison Guard Room and where the zombie cages can be located
  • Simply speak to her in order to activate the camera searching quest.


  • You can find Kay’s camera in the second cell to the right.
  • You will need to activate the generator in the room to the south in order to unlock the cells.
  • Once you have cleared the area of zombies, you can then pick up the camera.
  • Report to Kay and you will be rewarded with Golden Triangle Plate and the What About Kay-I trophy achievement.


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