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The Twilight Path is one of the many optional side quests that you can complete within Horizon Forbidden West.

This side quest involves convincing the refugees to move.

  • SIDE QUEST: The Twilight Path
  • LOCATION: Chainscrape
  • QUEST GIVER: Petra
  • REWARDS: 1750XP, 2 Skill Points, 1 Carja Scholar Face Paint
  • GUIDE:
  • (Note: In order to progress with The Signals of the Sun errand you will have to activate this quest)
  • This side quest can be collected by speaking to Petra over in the Chainscrape hut.
  • Whilst speaking with Petra agree that you will help her by speaking with the refugees.


  • Head to the Twilight Carja Camp which is just west of Chainscrape (Twilight’s Landing)
  • When you arrive you will notice that the camp is under attack by Monsters. Defeat them.
  • Once the Monsters have been dealt with go ahead and speak with Lokasha.


  • Now it is time for some climbing, we can begin this process by heading to the waterfall. Here use the Rope Ladder
  • From there continue climbing and working your way up, the grapple will come in handy here.
  • At the broken bridge you will come across quite a bit of blood. Continue on and pass the next waterfall.
  • When you reach the campfire you will meet up with Savohar.


  • After the scene with Savohar use your grapple to reach the cliffs opposite and then slowly make your way up.
  • We will now be at the Signal Tower, it is here where we can collect the Lens of Afternoon
  • Whilst we are up here we can also Search the Stormbird
  • Return to Savohar
  • Report back to the Twilight Carja Camp to complete the quest.


A ragtag group of Shadow Carja, displaced loyalists of the old regime, have refused to let anyone up a trail that leads to valuable salvage. Oseram thugs have threatened to force them to move by any means necessary.


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