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Thirst For The Hunt is one of the many optional side quests that you can complete within Horizon Forbidden West.

This side quest involves taking down the Thunderjaw

  • SIDE QUEST: Thirst For The Hunt
  • LOCATION: Arrowhand
  • QUEST GIVER: Drakka
  • REWARDS: 6521 XP, 2 Skill Points, 1 Tenakth Vanquisher
  • GUIDE:
  • Find and speak with Drakka, who will be located at Arrowhand, south west of Plainsong.
  • We will then learn about the machines and trading issues.


  • After the scene simply follow and listen to Drakka. He will lead you to a camp where you can collect various supplies
  • The final location he will take you to is an outpost. Speak with him.


  • Climb the nearby wall and you will spot a bunch of machines, eliminate them all.
  • When you fight the Fire Fanghorn, they should drop hearts. We need at least 2 hearts for the quest.
  • Report back to Drakka and then follow him.


  • Shortly you will be attacked by Burrowers. Eliminate them.
  • After defeating the Burrowers we will then be tasked with fighting and defeating the Thunderjaw.


  • The Thunderjaw is a heavy armed combat machine that uses both speed and an array of powerful weapons. It is weak against Purgewater Damage and Acid Damage. Whilst its strengths include both Frost and Shock damage.
  • Basically take advantage of its weaknesses and eliminating its weapons. You can also use the Disc Launcher too, throwing these at the Thunderjaw will cause explosive damage.
  • When the Thunderjaw is down remember to gather its heart.
  • (Note: If you are struggling against the Thunderjaw just return later, concentrating on getting a few more levels in. It was quite an easy kill at 38 but it can be possible to do earlier too)


  • After eliminating the Thunderjaw report back to Drakka


Drakka seeks to obtain machine hearts so that his village can trade for water with the clan’s capital. Without the help of a seasoned machine hunter, his people will die of thirst.


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