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Shadow In The West is one of the many optional side quests that you can complete within Horizon Forbidden West.

This side quest involves continuing to try and stop the Eclipse

  • SIDE QUEST: Shadow In The West
  • LOCATION: Shadow’s Reach
  • REWARDS: 2625 XP, 3 Skill Points
  • GUIDE:
  • In order to start this specific side quest you will need to complete both ‘The Embassy’ main story mission, plus the Shadow From The Past side quest.
  • From there head to the Eclipse hideout, south east of the map.
  • When you arrive at the hideout you will be forced to fight and eliminate the Eclipse here.


  • After eliminating the Eclipse head to the entrance of the hideout and we will meet up with Yef, a Utaru.
  • Anyway we need to find a way inside the hideout, we can begin doing so by climbing up the rope ladders.
  • Follow the path and there will be an enemy scout to the left, perform a stealth takedown to quickly dispose of him.
  • After eliminating the threat continue down the wooden walkway here and climb up the ladders at the end.


  • Continue along the path to the left and we will find ourselves in a more open area, drop down into this area. Be careful though as there are enemy targets down here.
  • Anyway continue to follow the quest marker and it will take us to a door, open it and you will find a bunch of Utaru captives.
  • After saving the captives head through the nearby door for a scene.


  • After the scene involving Vezreh you will then need to fight and defeat both him and his machine.
  • Vezreh’s machine is a Ravager that is weak to Acid Damage and strong against Frost Damage.
  • Once both the Ravager and Vezreh have been dealt with another scene will trigger.


  • After the fight there will be a couple of key items and locations that you will want to visit. The first one should be right next to you, a Datapoint (Vezreh)
  • We can also find a room with beds, an Ancient Valuables Box, and another Datapoint (The Others).
  • Also in this room there is a vent that we can open, go ahead and do so. The vent will take us to yet another Datapoint (Five Tribes)
  • Now that we have managed to find all 3 Datapoints report back to Yef. The Saved The Daunt trophy achievement should now pop


Eclipse holdouts are gathering in the Forbidden West, rebuilding their army after the Battle of the Alight. They must be stopped for good.


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